Elden Ring Anniversary Event Spikes DLC Fever…Again

by Ana Lopez

Elder ring was one of the biggest games of 2022, but it’s still hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we set foot in the Lands Between and were absolutely devastated by the Tree Sentinel.

The massive action RPG launched on February 24th, meaning we’re only a few weeks away from the first version at the time of writing – and Bandai Namco hasn’t forgotten about the award-winning juggernaut’s birthday.

Bandai Namco Unveils Elden Ring Anniversary Celebration

On February 25, Bandai Namco will hold an event at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm, with an accompanying live stream. The tweet promises all kinds of fun stuff, including a quiz, giveaways, and PvP, but it’s missing one thing: the long-legendary Elder ring DLC.

Naturally, the game’s community has started speculating that the event would be the ideal time to reveal some DLC, with a Reddit thread sharing the tweet and the title “Possible DLC News?” Already got 5.1k upvotes.

And yet, despite balance adjustments, economy updates, and the new Colosseum mode, there’s nothing from FromSoft yet.

What’s next for FromSoftware?

While the studio is currently working Armored Core VI: Burning Rubicon (expected to launch this year), many of its Soulsborne games have received DLC in the past.

Dark souls had Artorias from the abyss, Dark Souls 2 added The Lost Crowns, Bloodborne received The Old Hunters, and Dark Souls III got two extensions.

That has led to many Elder ring DLC will be revealed soon, but it’s not a guarantee. Remember that no additional content has been released for it Sekiro: Shadows die twiceFor example.

It’s true that most FromSoft games have had DLC at this point in their lifecycle, but again, Elder ring is your developer’s default game.

Whatever happens, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here at GGRecon. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Elder ring Guides.

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