All Spot locations in Spongebob Cosmic Shake

by Ana Lopez

Every diehard Spongebob Squarepants fan can tell you all about Plankton’s pet amoeba, Spot. He is small, green and has one eye, just like his handler. Unfortunately, he becomes frightened during the events of The Cosmic Shake and retreats to his hiding places in the game’s seven available worlds. Plankton sets you on a journey to find Spot and bring him back in exchange for a reward. That’s why we’ve described all of Spot’s hiding places below!

Wild West Jellyfish Fields Spot Location

If you’re in Wild West Jellyfish Fields, you’ll specifically want to head to the fifth checkpoint, Cacteen Hills. Once you get here, you’ll want to go past the checkpoint to the cactus sign to the left of a bridge. After you pass this sign, you will see a trampoline that you want to use to reach a platform. Spot is waiting for you here.

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Location Karate Downtown bikini bottom

When you get to Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom, you’ll want to get to the second checkpoint, Backlot. To the left of the checkpoint is an orange trailer that you can climb onto. From this trailer you’ll want to jump to the blue trailer right next to it. When you’re on top of the blue trailer, you’ll see a platform path leading you straight to Spot.

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Pirate Goo Lagoon Spot Location

If you’re looking for Spot in Pirate Goo Lagoon, you’ll want to get to the sixth checkpoint, Shipwreck Treasure. You want to continue past this checkpoint until you come across a ship with several crates on it. When you get on the boat, you will notice that it tilts towards your weight. With this knowledge, you want to tilt the front of the boat down just far enough to pass under a box with a surfboard underneath. You can use this surfboard to surf to a ship’s mast where Spot is hanging from.

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Halloween Rock Bottom Spot location

Here you want to go to the second checkpoint, Kandyville. Once you get to this checkpoint, all you have to do is turn around and continue past the checkpoint and towards a trampoline. You can use this trampoline to reach the platform where Spot is waiting.

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Prehistoric Kelp Forest Spot Location

This Spot location is the easiest of them all. All you have to do is go to the penultimate checkpoint, Cave Painting Cave, and turn around. Spot will be waiting for you there.

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Location of medieval sulfur fields

In this world, you’ll want to go to the sixth checkpoint, Meanderson River, if you want to find Spot. Once you get past this checkpoint you will eventually be taken to the other side of the river where you can then choose to turn left or right. if you turn right you will see some karate kick balloons leading you to a cliff. If you look around from here you will see a few platforms and a surfboard that will lead you to a patient spot.

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Jelly Glove World Spot location

Spot’s location in Jelly Glove World is almost as easy as his location in Prehistoric Kelp Forest. You want to go to the fifth checkpoint, Central Plaza, and find the Glove World Theater. If you go behind the box office you will find Spot waiting in front of the theater doors.

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