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by Ana Lopez

While it’s a marked departure from the Soulsborne games that developer FromSoftware is so well known for, Armored Core 6: Burning Rubicon is still definitely something to look forward to. Since it is the first main line Armored core game since 2012, there is a great eagerness to play from both old fans and new players. So to see everything Armored core 6 details including trailers, gameplay, platforms and more, read on below.

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Is there a release date for Armored Core 6?

Is there a release date for Armored Core 6?

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While not an official Armored core 6 release date has been confirmed, we have received indication that it will be released in 2023 at the very least.

Firstly, the reveal trailer at the Game Awards at the end mentions it’s coming out in 2023 – which after a long wait for a Elder ring release date should mean that FromSoftware is pretty sure about this.

In addition, this 2023 release date was repeated in the fourth quarter 2022 earnings report from Kadokawa Corporation, FromSoftware’s parent companyindicate that Armored core 6 is scheduled for release in 2023, although there is currently no concrete date or window.

While this wouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise as the game was shown at the Game Awards in 2022, with rumors swirling for at least a year, it wouldn’t line up with FromSoftware’s typical release schedule.

No FromSoftware game since then Dark souls has been released outside the first quarter of the year, most of which come out in March. For Armored core 6 to release in 2023, it should be at least at the end of summer, but more likely towards the winter months.

The earnings report additionally pointed to simultaneous multimedia releases, where, for example, a Kadokawa Corporation game could release a movie, TV show, or anime at the same time. While this could very well have more to do with Kadokawa’s other titles, it would be very intriguing to Armored core anime, because who can say no to big mechs?

Armored Core 6 trailers

There has only been one Armored core 6 trailer so far, and that was revealed at the Game Awards in 2022. It unfortunately doesn’t feature any real gameplay or in-engine action, but as always it’s a standout reveal of the game from FromSoftware.

The first part of the trailer generally focuses on the world itself – which might be called Rubicon if the title is anything to go by. We see blood-red flames engulf a planet, only to be sliced ​​into frozen waste, implying that the fire is certainly something to be feared.

The second half of the trailer, on the other hand, is packed with exciting mech and robot combat. Multiple different combat types were shown, with mechs wielding weapons, throwing bombs, and even throwing hands.

Hopefully we’ll get a gameplay trailer soon if the game is still out in 2023, but this teasing announcement is certainly enough to stir up the excitement of many players for now.

Armored Core 6 gameplay details

Armored Core 6 gameplay details

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While some may think it would make sense for Armored core 6 to adopt gameplay similar to FromSoftware’s titles such as how Sekiro: Shadows die twice amended Tenchu in the Soulsborne formula, this may not be the case.

According to the game’s director, Masaru Yamamura, Armored core 6 will be familiar to fans of previous titles in the series, with a focus on improving your mech with various parts. It also follows a stricter mission structure as opposed to the open world we came up with Elder ring.

The observed comparison with Sekiro goes beyond just adapting and reviving an older franchise, however, as Yamamura was the lead game designer on the 2019 game. Armored core 6 will certainly be a greater deviation from the Souls formula then SekiroYamamura’s direction shows confidence in preserving some key elements of the beloved franchise.

Armored core 6 will also be the first FromSoftware game since then Dark Souls 2 where Hidetaka Miyazaki is not involved as a director. Although he filled the role early in development, it was quickly handed over to Yamamura, with Miyazaki supposedly taking an advisory approach from then on.

Armored Core 6 platforms

Armored Core 6 platforms

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As mentioned in the reveal trailer, Armored core 6 will be released on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation5
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • Steam

It’s somewhat surprising to see the game still being released on the previous console generations, but it’s understandable considering how long the game has reportedly been in development.

While this could possibly indicate that the game won’t be a top-notch graphical powerhouse, that’s not exactly something FromSoftware is known for in their games. However, we’re sure the game will still look great, and hopefully that means it will perform well from a framerate perspective too.

So that’s all we currently know Armored core 6, where you will find all gameplay information and trailers released so far. Make sure to stay tuned to GGRecon for more Armored core updates in the future.

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