BitLife – How to Complete the Wet N Wild Challenge

by Ana Lopez

Completing the BitLife Wet N Wild challenge is easy once you know how to complete each objective. Start by creating a character of your choice and follow the steps below.

All objectives in Wet N Wild Challenge

To complete the Wet N Wild challenge in BitLife, players must complete the following main objectives:

  • Being born a woman in Florida
  • Become a waterslide tester for over 20 years
  • Sleeping with more than 20 people
  • Have more than 15 children
  • Partying more than 20 times after the age of 50

How to be born a woman in Florida

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The first goal of the Wet N Wild challenge is to be born female in Florida. Select for this The United States as your birthplace and feminine as your starting point sex while creating your first character. For the city, choose any Florida city such as Orlando, Miamior Tampa, as your starting city.

How to become a waterslide tester in BitLife for over 20 years

The second task in the current challenge is to become and remain a waterslide tester for more than 20 years. Once you turn 18, go to the job posting section and look for a post titled Water Slide Tester (Small Business) with the Bikini icon next to it. Apply for the job and crack the interview. Remain in the same position for another 20 years to achieve the given goal.

How to sleep with over 20 men in BitLife

The third goal in the latest challenge is to sleep with more than 20 men in BitLife. Join all the men in your office circle for this. You can find the list of all men by clicking the Staff option from the Job section. Once you find a target from the list, click on it and use the Connect option on the Activities tab associated with that person. If they’re not ready to hook up yet, try increasing the relationship parameter by compliment, donateAnd spend time with them. Repeat the process until you’ve slept with more than 20 men.

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How to get more than 15 kids in BitLife

The penultimate task in the Wet N Wild challenge is to have more than 15 kids in BitLife. This quest can be seen as a continuation of the last goal. While sleeping with different men, make sure you don’t use one contraceptives or safety precautions become pregnant. Repeat the process until you have given birth to more than 15 children in the game.

Partying over 20 times after age 50 in BitLife

The ultimate goal of the Wet N Wild challenge is to party more than 20 times after crossing the age of 50. Reach the age of 50 for this and then go to parties using the Nightlife option from the Activity tab. Repeat the process more than 20 times to complete the entire challenge.

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