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by Ana Lopez

In the fun world of ‘Mumbai Samachar’ you will get interesting information and also have fun. Only the readers who answer each riddle correctly will be published here.
Readers have to send their answers by e-mail by 6:00 PM on Friday. Reply sent after that time will not be accepted. Readers should send the answer to [email protected].
Language splendor…
Match the Marathi – Gujarati synonyms
Shake off
Shakradhanu one hundred
A hundred arrows
Shath Indradhanush
Shar Carriage
Meet the first woman Speaker of the Indian Parliament? During 2004-2009, he was also the minister.
a) Sumitra Devi
b) Sarla Kumari
K) Meera Kumar
d) Asha Kumari
Gujarat Mori Mori Re
Manishankar Ratnaji Bhatt – State the meaning of Damini in the lines ‘Jaldhijaldal apur Damini damakti, Yamini vyomsar manhi sarti’ from poet Kant’s immortal composition ‘Sagar and Shashi’
a) Kadhya b) Pomegranate bud c) Lightning d) Maid
Worth knowing
Fish is an aquatic animal. It lives by releasing oxygen from the water through its mouth and breathing it. It cannot breathe from the air because it has no lungs. Due to this reason it dies by expelling the water. Some fish emit electrical energy from their bodies.
The body of a fish named Gymnotas has strong electrical power. As soon as it touches his body, even a big plant falls lifeless in an instant.
Give a clever answer
scratch your head
In the given sentence, find out the person who is useful in preparing the clothes is hiding.
Your mom lived a very beautiful life and is etched in people’s memory.
keep note
When a child came to the doctor and asked, ‘Sir, is there any medicine to stop hunger?’ Even the hard-hearted doctor wept after hearing that question.
Mind game
If you have a salary of Rs 1,30,000 per month, after paying 20% ​​tax and investing 15% of the amount in hand, calculate how much money will be left in hand.
a) 95,500 b) 90,850
A) 88,400 D) 86,250
Answer from last Thursday
language splendor
Undigested tasteless
Instantly, instantly
verify verify
Padsad echo, response
Fallen, desolate
Gujarat Mori Mori Re
Stormy Daniels
Mind game
Give a clever answer
scratch your head
Here are the names of the readers who participated in funworld and answered correctly. congratulations
(1) Kishore Kumar Ved (2) Mulraj Kapoor (3) Subhash Momaya (4) Kalpana Ashar (5) Neeta Desai (6) Taher Aurangabadwala (7)
Shireen Aurangabadwala (8) Abdullah Munim (9) Shraddha Ashar (10) Harsha Mehta (11) Khushru Kapadia (12) Dr. Prakash Katkia (13) Bharti Katkia (14) Lajita Khona (15) Nitin Bajria (16) Nikhil Bengali (17) Amishi Bengali (18) Vibha Maheshwari (19) Pushpa Patel (20) Mahesh
Doshi (21) Jyoti Khandwala (22) Minal Kapadia (23) Harish Sutaria (24) Manisha Sheth (25) Falguni Sheth (26) Mahendra Lodhavia (27)
Mahesh Sanghvi (28) Jaywant Chikhal (29) Arvind Kamdar (30) Rajnikant Patwa (31) Veena Sampat (32) Varsha Nansi (33) Devendra Sampat (34)
Anju Tolia (35) Bhavna Karve (36) Surekha Desai (37) Dilip Parikh (39) Praveen Vora (40) Bharti Buch (41) Vijay Garodia (42)
Pushpa Khona (43) Girish Mistry (44) Naina Mistry (45) Jyotsana Gandhi (46) Ramesh Dalal (47) Enakshi Dalal (48) Hina Dalal
(49) Hema Harish

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