You don’t make these mistakes while making strong, sweet tea, do you? –

by Ana Lopez

There is hardly any house in our India where tea is not made. There are many people who start their day with a bed of tea… Talking about India, tea is the most consumed beverage in the country after water.
Flavored with ginger, black pepper, basil and cardamom, this tea will improve the taste of the tongue as well as make the day. Excessive consumption of milk and sugar is dangerous for health, but many times we make this mistake of making this our beloved tea, which has an adverse effect on our health. Let’s see what are the mistakes you make while making tea-
Some people are very fond of making tea, but we make a mistake while making tea which is not right. Many people boil the milk first and then mix water, sugar and tea leaves in it, this is completely wrong. Also, some people have a craving for strong tea, due to which the tea is over-boiled, which is harmful to health.
Apart from this, if you also pour all the ingredients of tea together and boil it for a long time, it increases the possibility of acidity. Apart from this, people who add too much sugar mix to their tea, their blood sugar level increases, which can lead to obesity and diabetes.
If all these are wrong ways to make tea then what is the right way to make tea after all? According to the British Standard Institution, to make tea, boil milk and water in two separate pots in one pot. Stir the milk little by little with the help of a spoon. Now add tea leaves and sugar to the boiling water. When both the things start to boil, add the tea water and boiling milk in a pot and boil for a while. Now strain the tea on the gas with the help of a strainer and the hot spicy sweet tea is ready…

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