Yellow alert for three days of heat in Ahmedabad > Mumbai Samachar

by Ana Lopez

(from our representative)
Ahmedabad: Harsh summer has already started in Gujarat. The temperature has risen in most cities of the state. Meanwhile, the temperature reached 43 degrees. The temperature in Ahmedabad city reached 41 degrees and a yellow heat alert was issued for three days. As a result of this, suggestions were given by the Municipal Authority to the citizens to be careful. Another state meteorological department has also predicted rain for the next five days.
According to the state meteorological department, a cyclonic circulation has developed in the Arabian Sea. Also there is cyclonic circulation in South Rajasthan.
Due to this, rainfall has been predicted again for the next five days in the state. Dt. From April 12 to April 19, there will be a change in the atmosphere. Dt. From April 12 to 15, unseasonal rain with cyclone is predicted again in some areas of North Gujarat, Central Gujarat, Kutch, South Gujarat and Saurashtra. Also, the month of April will prove to be a month of scorching heat.
After April 19, the temperature is predicted to reach 44, 45 degrees. After that, rain is predicted again on 23rd and 24th. As a result of which the state of the world has again been put into turmoil.

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