Yayati’s specter of immortality haunts billionaires even today?

by Ana Lopez

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Longevity, Immortality and Longevity. Human beings are more precious than food and water. The world remembers the evergreen actor ‘Devanand’ for his unsuccessful attempts to assume his youthful looks. Dev Sahib alone had to be young. not? From the beginning of time to the age of artificial intelligence, every man and woman who has descended on earth has longed for eternal youth.
Yayati had attained the third stage of desire. In order to fulfill his wish, he got the mantra of ‘Jaram Dehi Ijam Bhava’ and took away his own son’s youth.
This ancient story expressed the human craze to stay forever young. This type of legend is found in every religion of the world. Humans need herbs that can be consumed
May the body remain healthy forever. of today
Even in the web age, the odds of immortality persist.
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are not far behind. About 14 of the richest men in the world are desperate to become young after reaching middle age and have spent crores of rupees by experimenting in various ways to fulfill this dream. Brian Johnson, an American entrepreneur conducting one such experiment, invited the media to his home and claimed that he had early success in an experiment to stay young forever.
45-year-old Brian has reduced his biological age by just 7 months. This has made Brian’s heart 37 years old, skin 28 years old and lungs 18 years old. Currently Brian is understanding the structure of the human body under project ‘Blueprint’ in which a team of 30 renowned doctors from America is supervising him. It spends 16 crore rupees every year. So does Brian want immortality? not
In the modern era, every art is considered in the Kavadia. Once man lived his life without wearing shoes, without cutting his hair. Today people are spending lakhs of rupees on every part from nails to eyelashes. So can not the business of returning people to their youth by researching anatomy? With this creative idea, industrialists living in superpowers have started the ‘reverse ageing’ industry. For the last two decades, the world’s top businessmen are investing crores in ‘reverse ageing’ and the person who succeeds in it will get seven generations of golden Amrakunj.
That’s why Brian experiments on himself. If successful, one can give an example of ‘self-body’ and no one else to sell his brand to the world.
At present, the market of ‘reverse aging’ is 191 billion dollars, that is, about 15 lakh crores of rupees. By 2030 it will increase to 421 billion dollars i.e. about 35 lakh crores. Johnson is not alone in betting on the ‘reverse aging’ industry. ‘Reverse Aging Industry’ was established in 1997. At that time, Larry Ellison, founder of the programming language Oracle, created the Ellison Medical Foundation, which worked on permanent diagnoses of age-related diseases, to commemorate the death. In 2013, the foundation stopped funding new ‘anti-aging’ research. Because by then the company had spent 430 million dollars. According to media reports, in the year 2020, Ellison completely stopped working on anti-aging and started focusing on Covid.
Google founder Larry Page launched a company called ‘California Life’ in 2013. Also known as Calico Labs, its work is to develop drugs to combat age-related diseases and conduct research on aging.
Despite spending around 12 thousand crores, Calico Labs has not achieved any significant success in reverse aging. Inspired by this, Google co-founder Sergey Brin created a company called ‘Paryok’. In Parkinson’s, brain cells begin to be damaged. Sergi’s company was then reviving a declining cell. But his experiment remained an idiom. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has also invested in Altos Labs, which seeks vaccines to eliminate future disease, injury and lifelong disabilities by disrupting cells through cellular programming.
Launched in 2022, this company is currently working in US and UK. According to media reports, this company has been launched in Cambridge UK and Japan in the future. Of course, the businessman has a lot of money and can afford to spend it, but never in the history of the world has a ‘reverse aging’ experiment been successful.
About two thousand years ago, the Chinese ruler Qin Shi Huang drank a certain type of drink, in which mercury was mixed. Huang believed that drinking this liquid would keep him young forever, but he died at the age of 49.
The doctor examined the body and declared that the heart had been perforated due to mercury ingestion. Which instead of increasing the life expectancy reduced the lifespan. 1600 years ago, Emperor Sima of the Eastern Jin Dynasty started consuming drugs prepared with chemical formulas to become immortal, but instead of becoming immortal, he had a stroke of paralysis and the emperor’s life ended at six o’clock.
In the 17th century, Queen Elizabeth Bathrin of Hungary was advised by her chancellor Makars to bathe in the blood of virgins to ensure that Elizabeth would never grow old. To keep this from the public, Elizabeth’s soldiers conspired to brutally kill virgins. Even the daughter of Macarus fell into this nasty game.
He revolted and told the whole truth to the people. By that time, 600 people had died. Further it was also revealed that the soldiers used to collect the blood of the girls after dismembering their bodies. The people raised the revolt and hanged Elizabeth on the square of Hungary.
In the 19th century, Charles-Edouard Browne-Sequard, a famous physiologist and neurologist from Mauritius, conducted a strange experiment to prevent aging. He started applying the testicles of monkeys to the private parts of the elderly. According to his theory it can reduce the age of any human being to 30 years but this experiment was not successful. He describes this event in his autobiography ‘The Proof and Measurement of Association Between Two Things’.
have done
Even after so many experiments of ‘reverse ageing’ failed in the past, why are the industrialists ready to spend crores of rupees? These tech companies charge patients even for coughing. So he has done deep research to put an eight digit number in the experiment which is 99% ineffective. Which is understandable.
How does the human body age? Life begins with a cell. One cell divides and two cells are formed. In the same way from two to four and from four to eight cells. It is called cell cycle. Many cells together form a tissue and these tissues together form an organ of the body. Organs together keep the body alive. A fit body has 37.2 trillion cells. A human cell can divide only 50 times, so after a certain age the cell cycle is disturbed. Disturbance in the cell cycle is one of the main causes of aging according to research done so far on aging. Now if the process of decomposition of this cell can be stopped then the herb to make the human being young will be found.
On the same theory, Australian biologist Dr. David Sinclair has published a research paper. In which he has assured that he has succeeded in stopping the process of cell decomposition. According to the experiment published in the research paper, he experimented on an old and eyeless mouse and returned both his vision and youth. His brain became as smart as a young mouse.
The experiment was published in the Harvard Medical School Research Journal on January 12, 2023. According to Sinclair, if the cell of youth is stored in the brain, the human body can be rejuvenated if the cell is activated.
If this experiment is true, it should be implemented now, but according to Sinclair, he has not done a similar experiment. When that happens, they will expose their theory of cell disintegration to the world. The ‘reverse aging industry’ also finds itself ineffective in this regard. Industrialists also work on cell decomposition. If it is successful, it may start selling lives in the market at the price of crores, but can every human live immortality?
According to Indian mythology, immortality is a curse for humans. Today Turkey is buried under the flames of destruction. His own legend also describes immortality as a curse. Even after 14 months, the pregnant empress of Turkey is not ready to come out of the mother’s womb. At the same time, he talks about giving the boon of longevity to finally get rid of him
The empress goes into labor and receives the Putra Ratna. After reaching puberty, the prince seeks long life. The emperor becomes crippled and tells him the truth that he has no such power. With this, Ginnai sets out to find Prince Chirayauvan. Thus his age increases. A middle-aged prince finds an elusive forest in which both immortality and nymphs are granted upon entering. The prince becomes young again, living an indulgent and material life for ages. One day, when he misses his family, the forest stops him and says that if he leaves this land, death will overtake him. The prince was born stubbornly from his mother’s womb, so he stubbornly came out. Coming to real life, the prince becomes ghardo. His beard grows to knee length. It reaches its state. There is no one in the ruined palace. The prince goes to the barren ground floor of the palace. There, while opening an old box, the death of the prince rises from the bottom and puts his hand on his shoulder. With that, the prince crumbles into dust.
Such stories reflect the age-old human longing for immortality, but death is inevitable. This plot represents the transience of life. Sage Markandeya was born with a lifespan of only sixteen years. When he comes to know about this, he installs a Shivlinga in the forest and performs severe penance. When Kaal comes to take it, Markandeya fills the Shivling and sits down. Lord Shiva appears and banishes time and grants Markandeya a boon of fourteen kalpas. In the end, they also get angry with Yamaraj. What does one get even after becoming immortal? Female loneliness!
In today’s digital age, even though the population has reached eight billion, humans still feel alone. ‘Caveman Kdhacept’ means like a caveman, he has got used to being alone and silent. When it comes to calling people, instead of sending long messages or videos to distant relatives, they send short messages of 3-4 letters. Language has shrunk. The feeling is suppressed. Twenty years of silence have been locked on the tongue. There is no waiting left in the eyes, so the emptiness of the eyes is like an empty well. Such a situation is spreading all over the world. People have started to forget the exchange of words through the eyes, the respect of a warm smile, the fun of shaking hands for no reason or the exchange of intimacy by hugging on meeting. So how terrible will the situation be when the whole world buys the tech companies’ immortality products and stays young forever?

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