Words of Saint Poet Zabubai – Mumbai Samachar

by Ana Lopez

Alakhno Otlo – Dr. Niranjan Rajyaguru

Born in Bajana village of Patdi taluka of Surendranagar district, Punjabi Bhai and mother Doshiba belong to barber/hairdresser caste. The marriage took place in the village of Vivah Mandal (now Viramgam) of Zabubai. The marriage of Zabubai, who studied English and was steeped in devotion, did not last long. He would stay there with his father and go to Darbargarh to teach the princesses of Bajana. Ekwar met Prajapati Bhaktaraj Sawaram Bapa (disciple of Phulgarji) of Pipli village and took Gudiksha of Santsadhana. He spent the last stage of his life in satsang, bhajangaan, santvani creation and santsadhana. A written collection of Santwani-bhajans composed by Santakavi Swaramdada was written by him. Zabubai is credited with propagating Swarambapa’s speech through bhajangan. Along with Swarambapa’s speech, fifteen hymns composed by Santakavyitri Zabubai have also been compiled as a book and continue to be sung today in the melodious tradition of folk hymns. (It is recorded that Zabubai lived till 19 AD.)
Pipli village today has a magnificent temple of Ramdevpir and has lakhs of devotees. ‘Piplie Piroonna Besana…’, ‘In the ashes, in the ashes, in the ashes, the abode of the beloved is in the ashes..’, ‘Mere Sadguru data dukh dan pokare daasi tari…’, ‘What shall we do to Paras, Guruji my poor mani… .’, ‘Blessed be the wife who observes her vows, so that her husband’s heart is happy..’ Sarve Sat Manjo Ray, the Lord has promised this..’, Sacha Ray, who is the mode of devotion to the saints..’, ‘Avyo khotal poro ne wadhyo khed, show the world Daro Ray..’ Satinana Pir…’, ‘ Prabhuji padharo re, waroon aba karone veli..'(Enough), ‘ Booz ne zbukke if the broad good, open hides come to your eyes..’, ‘Maan badai tu meli de banda without satguru there is no happiness. Thave..’ Bhujangi verses of praise from the dance of Zabubai in which the composition ‘Namo Shudh Swarup Ganesha Deva..’ is sung.
When Zabubai took samadhi at the feet of Ramdevji Maharaj after coming to Pipli village, Swaramji also composed some of the bhajans of that occasion. After Zabubai’s departure, the whole crowd sang – ‘Ji Re Sati, you fought hard against the desert, drank the cup of death..’
Guru Sawarambapa of Zabubai (died 1961 AD)
Bhakta poet. A disciple of Swami Phulgarji living in a small place near Veeragam. Santakavi is the composer of more than three hundred and fifty hymns. In Pimpli village of Patdi taluka of Surendranagar district, Prajapati was born to Karsanbhagat in Kumbhar caste and mother Kashiba. In 1913, Sadavrata started RQ. Is. Ramdevpir temple was built in 1916. Devotee woman Zabuba of Mandal village of Viramgam taluka has accepted his discipleship and also receives fifteen bhajans from him. Sons: Nanji and Harjivandas. Death of Savabhgat: A.D. 1961, vs. R017 Vaishakh Vadi Agiyaras. The son of Gadipati Harjivandas of the place: Baladevdasji’s son Hal -Vasudev Maharaj.. At present there is a community of lakhs of followers attached to Ramdevji Maharaj’s magnificent temple at Piplidham.
In AD 1957, Swami Anand went to meet Savarambapa. (‘Chandanavan in the desert’ – Manubhai Trivedi’Sarod’/’Gafil’ pp.9 to 38) Then in December, Swami Anand came there with Gondal Makarandbhai.
Let us take this bhajan composed by Zabubai preserved in the voice of the folk singers –
The Harijans surrendered their love to Hari,
For devotion,
He was ashamed of himself,
Good devotion..
Tara didn’t care at all.
The king of Ajodha left
Marjada may worship the goddess..
– Good for devotion….0
Mirabai clapped,
Know nothing without Girdhar,
Rana poured out the poison..
– Good for devotion….0
Toralde Mahasati Kevan,
Bandana speaks to Sadhir Seth,
By selling the body, they brought grains..
– Good for devotion….0
Raj Padmani Rupa Rani,
Rani Chandravali came to know,
Rawal Malle sword brace..
– Good for devotion….0
Open the accounts of Piron,
After observing the husband’s vow,
Vach kachna e jati-sati sachan re..
– Good for devotion….0
Dependent get stuck,
Palmer’s words do not make hearts tremble,
Such satiy goes to Amarapar..
– Good for devotion….0
Enjoyed in the hall of honor,
Promised to Sadhguru,
Dasi Zabu says that the Vedas praised him…
– Good for devotion….0
The Harijans surrendered their love to Hari,
For devotion,
He was ashamed of himself,
For the sake of devotion…0 U

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