Woman finds ‘Time Capsule’ 1994 JCPenney wallet in attic

by Ana Lopez

Thrift and vintage shopping can be an exciting achievement, giving people a tangible way to go back to the past and see history firsthand.

Now a TikToker is going viral for finding a wallet from her tween years — and what’s inside has the internet in sentimental stitches.

“I found this bag in my mom’s attic that hasn’t been used since 1994,” she wrote in the video that has been viewed more than 240,000 times. “It’s been there for almost 30 years and I wasn’t sure what the 13-year-old me left there to find!”

The woman begins by pulling out old notes, photos, and handwritten birthday party invitations (truly a relic of the past) and even an old farmer’s merry wrapper from an Arizona brand bag that she said belonged to JCPenney.

@wedontwannagrowup So I found this bag (probably from JCPenney) when we were looking through my mom’s attic. It’s been there for almost 30 years and I wasn’t sure what 13 year old I left there to find! #1994 #90s #90accessories #90stone #90stick #Darling #90smemories #90nostalgia #backlash #flashback #wedontwannagrowup #fyp #for you ♬ Stay (I Missed You) – Lisa Loeb

She then finds a Taco Bell sugar packet with an antique design and an envelope from Walmart with photos printed with a disposable camera from when TikToker was in high school, with a perm and a Goofy shirt on, of course.

There was also a ball from the original 1990s McDonald’s ball pit.

One commenter even pointed out that there was an old-fashioned movie clip to see the 1994 hit “Forrest Gump.”

“You found a time machine,” one person wrote in awe.

“This really made me mourn my childhood,” another lamented. “I wish I could go back.”

The TikToker also posted a follow-up video featuring a 1994 JCPenney catalog, which was full of floral prints and oversized shorts.

@wedontwannagrowup The Girls Section of JC Penney’s 1994 Spring/Summer Catalogue! #1994 #jcpenney #jcpenneycatalogue #90s #90sfashion #90style #90sclothing #ilovethe90s #90girl #90hair #nostalgia #backlash #flashback #wedontwannagrowup #fyp #for you ♬ The sign (long version) – ace of base

The TikToker ironically has a podcast called “We Don’t Wanna Grow Up” which muses on pop culture over the decades.

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