Will there be a Warzone 2 ranked mode?

by Ana Lopez

Many fans wonder if there is one War zone 2 ranked mode? Call of duty war zone 2 was released in mid-November, offering players a sequel to the hugely popular CODFISH battle royale. Its launch was somewhat problematic due to bugs, performance, and connectivity issues, but another aspect that baffles players is the lack of ranked. So check if there is one War zone 2 ranked mode.

Will there be a Warzone 2 ranked mode?

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Currently there is no official confirmation of one War zone 2 The ranked mode is in development or coming to the battle royale in the near future, but there are indications that it will. Competitive War zone is already quite big, with regular unofficial tournaments, but it lacks a competitive mode for players to aspire to, despite fans asking for it since the first game launched.

The first evidence to suggest ranked can happen comes from an official confirmation by the Duty creative lead at Raven Software, Josh Bridge, who claimed they were evaluating the mode for the first Warzone in March 2022.

“I can’t wait to get to ranked play because ultimately that’s what we need to make sure highly skilled players have an endgame,” Bridge stated in an interview with Optic TeeP. “We don’t take it lightly, so we evaluate it”. While talking about the former War zone this is probably where all the work on the ranked mode has been moved to War zone 2 on this point.

The second piece of evidence came later in July 2022, then a remarkable one War zone leak on twitter, @TheGhostOfHopeclaimed a competitive mode was on the way War zone before MW2. While this didn’t actually pan out, he also stated that the mode would be a blueprint for the full-fledged version in War zone 2so it’s possible they pushed this back to be tested War zone 2 instead.

Since then we haven’t had much news about the existence of one War zone 2 ranked mode. Fans are still asking for it and Raven has clearly expressed interest in developing the mode, so it’s not a definite no at this point, but we’re still waiting for official confirmation.

That’s all for our breakdown or one War zone 2 ranked mode in the future, and now you know there’s some evidence to suggest this could happen.

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