Will there be a gap in the Thackeray group again? MP Bhavna Gawli’s big statement

by Ana Lopez

Several MLAs and MPs from the Thackeray group are in touch with us…. After the statement of Shinde faction MP Bhavna Gawli, the politics of Maharashtra is once again experiencing the possibility of an earthquake. Will the leaders of the Thackeray faction really join hands with the Shinde faction and add to the trouble of Uddhav Thackeray? Such questions are being discussed in political circles.
Chief Minister Eknath Shinde recently visited Ayodhya. He was accompanied on this journey by several activists including MLAs, MPs, leaders and office bearers of the Shinde group. However, some MLAs and MPs from the Shide group did not join the tour. So Sanjay Raut made a statement that some people in the Shinde group were upset. In response to which Shinde group MP Bhavna Gawli stated that several MPs and MLAs from Thackeray group are in contact with him, once again the politics of Maharashtra has heated up.
On Sanjay Raut’s statement, Bhavna Gawli said that no MLA or MP of the Shinde group is angry. Bhavana Gawli quipped that people from the Thackeray group have to stop talking on air. Also, Bhavna Gawli said that many MLAs and MPs from the Thackeray group are talking to us. Only those people who are in touch with us will be against you in a few days. He said this in a TV interview.
Asked about Sanjay Raut’s criticism, Bhawana Gawli said that nowadays many people have got used to talking on air. To tell the truth, I went with Eknath Shindeji for the darshan of Kamakhya Devi. But before going to Ayodhya, I had a phone conversation with Chief Minister Eknath Shindeji. I had already informed them that I would not be able to join the tour.
However, many people are interested in nonsense. To be honest, some MLAs and MPs from the Thackeray group are in touch with us. He has said to wait… in a few days we will see what we will do. So Bhavana Gawli stated that there is no point in talking about others in the air.

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