Will a statement by Chandrashekhar Bawankule crack the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance?

by Ana Lopez

The Maha Vikas Aghadi government fell due to the transfer of power in Maharashtra last year. Uddhav Thackeray had to resign as Chief Minister due to the split in the Shiv Sena. Not only that but questions were also raised about who is the true Shiv Sena. The reason is that 40 out of 55 Shiv Sena MLAs and 13 MPs supported Eknath Shinde. After verifying the documents of both the parties regarding the Shinde-Thacker conflict, the Election Commission also gave permission to use Shiv Sena’s name and Ghanushyaban symbol while ruling in favor of Eknath Shinde. However, running Shiv Sena against Eknath Shinde is now a big challenge for Thackeray. Shiv Sena along with BJP is currently in power in the state. Shiv Sena also holds the post of Chief Minister. Now, with one year left for the next assembly elections, there is currently a discussion going on about how many seats the Shiv Sena-BJP will contest. However, following the statement made by BJP state president Chandrasekhar Bawankule, discussions in political circles have gained momentum. Bawankule has said this in his speech at a BJP meeting.

According to information received from political sources, Bawankule said in his speech that, “No matter how many seats we get in the 2024 elections, we are thinking of contesting on 240 seats, 150-170.” Because Shinde’s Shiv Sena has 50 seats. They have no one on those seats. You have to alert your team to fight for 240 seats. You have a lot of work at present’ said Chandrashekhar Bawankule.

However, after this video of Chandrasekhar Bawankule went viral, the video has been deleted from all social platforms as a precaution by the BJP. Senior BJP leaders are saying that the state president made such a statement to encourage the workers and are trying to handle the whole incident. It is to be mentioned here that this meeting of BJP was internal and media was not allowed here. However, will there be a rift between Shiv Sena and BJP due to this video? Such discussions have been flowing in political circles.

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