Wildlife Viral Video : There was a fight between the giant elephants and they pushed each other hard

by Ana Lopez

Wildlife Viral Video: The video of elephant fight is going viral on the internet. In which it can be seen that at first both push each other but in the end this fight becomes serious.

of animals Funny and surprising The video goes viral on social media. Especially videos that show a fight between two animals. Those videos are more liked by users. As soon as this video hit the internet world Indiscriminately viral It happens because the number of people who like it is in millions, that’s why this video gets many views and likes. in these days of two elephants The video is going viral, in which these two are seen fighting each other.

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People who know the forest intimately consider elephants to be very intelligent animals. This animal is a huge, powerful and wild animal, but if it gets angry, this animal is enough to kill anyone. It is said about them that they live with their herds and they walk around eating and drinking but the video seen these days is a little different. Because here two elephants are seen fighting with each other. Seeing them, it seems as if they are wrestling!

Here, watch the video

A fight takes place between two elephants in the forest between bushes. Here both are fighting badly with each other. It starts with both of them bumping their trunks, but seeing this, the fight turns into a fierce fight. Meanwhile, one elephant overpowers the other very quickly and hits him so hard that one of the elephants ends up on top of a tree. falls down No one was around when the fight happened. The scene was recorded by someone on a mobile phone. The clip was shared on Twitter by an account called @SANParks. Till this news is written, more than 70 thousand people have seen it and are giving their own reactions by commenting.

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