Wild rumors claim that Microsoft has completely rebooted Fable

by Ana Lopez

Wild rumors claim that Microsoft has completely rebooted Fable

Images: Xbox Game Studios

We haven’t heard much about the Fable camp in a while, and it’s a growing concern among fans. The series has long been an example of the fact that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a fun, silly, and immersive RPG that players can restart once they’re done.

For years, Fable has been the driving force for many to play on Xbox. Despite the hype that came with the unveiling of Fable – set to reboot the franchise – it quickly took off after players realized we don’t actually know anything about it.

Considering that the team has been incredibly quiet Fable, we are rightly concerned that it may get dark. And now we may be about to get some news – fans may not like that.

Did Microsoft restart Fable?

Wild rumors claim that Microsoft has completely rebooted Fable

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Well, that’s not good. It is rumored that the entire production of Fable has been destroyed, adopting a new development in Unreal Engine 5.

These claims came from 4ch (we know, take it with a handful of salt), and suggested that the original “Forzatech” build of the game was “unplayable” according to the team and will never see the light of day.

If we believe any of the above, Fable goes to UE5 and immediately starts all over again. It’s a concerning claim, especially since the future of the series remains unclear, but some game industry professionals aren’t sure about the rumours.

Gaming experts dismiss mythical rumors

It seems that not everyone is convinced by the new rumours, as GamesIndustry.biz staff seem to confirm that Fable has not resumed production.

Who to believe when it comes to manufacturing Fable falls on you. If this rumor is to be trusted, then it’s terrible news for Xbox, which is already a company struggling to justify itself in terms of exclusives right now.

Remember Fable was announced before the Xbox Series X and S were even official, it would be a major blow if the game slipped into 2025, 2026 or even later. A big change could be on the way Fableand only time will tell if it is a good one.

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