Who was Rabindra Kaushik who sacrificed his life for the country? Why were they forgotten?

by Ana Lopez

The fourth corner of the triangle – Vikram Vakil

His name is Ravindra Kaushik. There is no excitement in hearing the name, right? There will be thousands of Rabindra Kaushiks in the country, but the Rabindra Kaushik we are talking about here is not millions, but one in crores. This Rabindra Kaushik is a name lost in obscurity, but he has hundreds of contributions to the country. He has saved the lives of thousands of soldiers of the country. how ? Let’s go into a few flashbacks.
Ravindra Kaushik, who is regarded as India’s greatest spy, was born on April 11, 1952 in the city of Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. After studying up to B.Com, he started working in plays due to his passion for acting. In appearance he was handsome like film star Vinod Khanna. Once he was performing on stage in Lucknow when an officer of India’s spy agency ‘RO’ (Research and Analysis Wing) caught sight of him. The senior officer called the 23-year-old Ravindra to his office in Delhi. He directly offered them that are they ready to work for the country? He also spoke to Ravindra about the functioning of ‘Row’ and how spies are trained in ‘Row’. Since his father was in the Air Force, Ravindra already had a sense of patriotism. He was also immediately prepared for the dangerous work as a spy for ‘Row’. His training started in 1975. He was given training at various places in Amritsar and Pathankot. Apart from this, he learned to read, write and speak Urdu and Arabic. As he had to go to Pakistan for spy work in the future, he was also taught the Muslim customs and Quran. Being a Punjabi by birth, he had a grasp on the Punjabi language.
Most of the countries in the world send their spies to other countries to gather information about their enemy country. Some spies stay in another country for a short period of time while some spies work for long periods of time in that country to obtain private and necessary information of that country. Due to defeats in 1965 and 1971, Pakistan was eager to take revenge against India. Some Indian spies were in Pakistan, but Rabindra Kaushik was sent to spy in six to seven countries and after his success there, it was decided to send him to Pakistan for a longer period. New credentials were created for Ravindra through Ro’s contacts who were working in Pakistan. In the new identity, he was named Nabi Ahmad Shakeel. Spies working in spy agencies like ‘RO’ are under strict instructions not to let their immediate family know that they are working as spies.
Before leaving Pakistan, Ravindra Kaushik told his family that he was going to Dubai as he got a job in Dubai. After going to Karachi, Ravindra took admission in a college there to pursue a law degree. One day he was reading a local newspaper when he read an advertisement to join the Pakistan Army. He thought that if he could join the Pakistan Army, he would be able to help ‘Ro’ by getting a lot of private information. After taking permission from ‘Ro’, he joined the Pakistan Army and rose to the rank of Major in the army due to his skills and intelligence at the age of just 25. He fell in love with Amanat, the daughter of a Pakistani army officer. Amanat also loved him very much, but naturally she did not know his genuineness. Rabindra too was truly in love with Amanat and thought that if they get married and settle down, they can also win the trust of higher officials. Ravindra Kaushik and Amanat also had a son. ‘Ro’ also felt that Ravindra’s decision to settle down as a family was very right.
During his espionage period, Ravindra gave many private secrets of Pakistan’s atomic sector and military to ‘Ro’. ‘Ro’ was so pleased with his performance that he was given the nickname ‘Black Tiger’.
All this time Rabindra’s family did not know anything about the truth. When Rabindra’s younger brother’s marriage was fixed, he took permission from ‘Ro’ and came to India via Dubai for safety. This was his last meeting with his family in 1981.
‘Ro’ was to deliver some documents to Rabindra through another Indian spy named Heenayat Masiha. Unfortunately Heenayat Masiha got caught in Karachi. The Pakistani security agencies tortured her a lot and eventually Heenayat made all the confessions. Along with Heenayat, the Pakistani security agency arranged to call Ravindra alias Nabi Ahmad Shakeel to hand over the documents. Hinayat contacted Ravindra and called him to meet him in a garden at 7.30 am. Pakistani spies were hiding there. Ravindra was arrested as soon as he came to the park to collect the documents.
After the arrest, Ravindra started to be tortured. He was given current in the private part. Even though ten of his nails were pulled out and beaten naked on the ice, Rabindra did not open his mouth. In 1965, Rabindra was sentenced to death. Meanwhile, wife Amanat could meet Ravindra only once. Ravindra thought that ‘Row’ or the Indian government would make any effort to release him. Many countries have an agreement to release a captured spy of another country to release their own spy. This did not happen in Ravindra Kaushik’s case. The then government and ‘Ro’ raised their hands. Ravindra wrote a letter to his family in Urdu from jail, Rabindra’s family met the officials of ‘Ro’, but ‘Ro’ also learned how to help. Finally Ravindra Kaushik died in 2001 due to TB and heart disease.. He wrote in his last letter that ‘If I were an American spy, I would have been out of jail in three days.’ The sad thing is that very few people know about Rabindra Kaushik who became a martyr for the country!

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