Who is Chaz Alvarez from Season 5 of “The Circle”?

by Ana Lopez


Netflix has renewed The Circle for a second season. The upcoming season of the famous reality show has a flirty twist as the contestants appear to be single. While some of them are single, others are catfishing as such. Chaz Alvarez, a vehicle detailer and entrepreneur, is one of the contestants expected to appear in Season 5. After leaving school and quitting his job, he started his own business. Season 5 of The Circle launches December 28 at 3:01 AM ET on Netflix.

Chaz Alveraz of The Circle appears in a GQ YouTube series.

Chaz Alveraz, a New Jersey vehicle detailer known as Shampoo Papi, will appear in Season 5 of The Circle. Alveraz has taken over the East Coast and is appearing in a YouTube series with GQ magazine, BET and Nation Swell Media.

According to Access Wire, he is:

“Shampoo Papi is regarded as the man who turns boring car polishing into something fun. He films himself cleaning cars, blaring music, dancing and having fun, which his customers from all over the world really like and love to see.

Chaz Alvarez

According to the website, Chaz defines success as appearing on the covers of Forbes, GQ, Vogue and Cosmo. Starring in a Jordan Peele and Tyler Perry movie will prove he’s made it. In 2019, the future The Circle contestant spoke to Vogage LA about his work, revealing that he details cars and cleans houses. He said he is known for his videos, which often receive attention on social media.

He continued:

“Shampoo Papi is seen as the current Pimp My Ride. In four hours I transform people’s cars from dirt to magic.”

The entrepreneur continued that his work ethic and desire to be shameless in his cause had inspired people all over the world. The Circle season 5 contestant went on to discuss his path to where he is today, saying he’s “been through a lot of storms” in his life. He went on to say that he no longer wanted to associate with someone who was homophobic or psychologically abusive.

He said, ”

“I couldn’t stand being part of a company or organization that tolerated harassment, harassment and scare tactics.”

After hitting rock bottom and watching his girlfriend work double shifts to take care of both of them, he decided to start his own business. Chaz cleaned his own car and posted pictures of it on social media. The Circle participant received several questions about his work and realized that he could turn it into a full-time job. His company and brand have since grown tremendously, with locations in New Mexico, Dubai, France, Australia and London.

Chaz Alvarez

He continued:

“Today you go to a car wash and park your car with nothing but your phone for entertainment. My clients love the shampoo papi experience; all in all, it’s not every day they spend 3-4 hours at your vehicle detailer.

Season 5 of The Circle launches December 28 at 3:01 AM ET on Netflix.

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