Which path should you take to get to Sila’s Castle in Forspoken?

by Ana Lopez

Boss fights in Forspoken are great and common depending on your gameplay approach. Players can battle a giant dragon in the first hour of the game, but that’s just a taste of what’s to come in the story. In Chapter 4, Frey goes on a mission to kill Tanta Sila who is being held in her castle.

Best access to Praenost Castle in Forspoken

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After defeating Sila’s henchmen, the entrance to the Praenost Castle Town will appear. Upon entering the abandoned city, a cutscene plays where Frey tries to formulate a plan to enter Sila’s castle. Although you have three options (see image), the best and only way to enter Sila’s Praenost Castle is through the Examine the path option.

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If you choose to go to the castle gate, it will lead you to a group of minions and a Recreant Knight. After defeating these enemies you find out that the door is blocked and the only other way is to go up the vertical path. Therefore, it’s best to stay on the trail if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on this mission. However, killing the castle gate Recreant Knight rewards you with a Fervid Garland, which you can use later in the game.

Now, as you follow the path to the hilltop castle, you’ll come across several of Sila’s henchmen who also throw fireballs at you. You can fight them or just run past them if you’re in a hurry. At the very top, you’ll be up against a Recreational Knight and some shielded guards. Eliminate them strategically while saving your healing items as you will need them later when fighting Tanta Sila. The knight will drop the Aftershock spike design upon death and the gate to Sila’s throne will open.

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