Where to grow dried shell, solid shell and marked shell in Genshin Impact

by Ana Lopez

The Desiccated Shell, Sturdy Shell, and Marked Shell are Genshin Impact Ascension materials that can be used to upgrade the Light of Foliar Incision and possibly other weapons and characters in the future. These can only be bred from Sacred Beasts, enemies native to Sumeru’s Desert of Hadramaveth.

All locations of the sacred beast in Genshin Impact

Below are all the locations of Sacred Beasts in Sumeru. The icons with a layered symbol indicate that they are underground. In addition, although the icons below show those of the sacred red vulture, they refer to all three types.

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Desert of Hadramaveth

Image via HoYoverse’s interactive Teyvat Map

Above are all the places where you can find sacred red vultures in Hadramaveth desert. They are rare, but usually drop multiple grenades when defeated, similar to Shadowy Husks.

Dune of Carouses

Image via HoYoverse’s interactive Teyvat Map

There is a single Sacred Beast beneath the Dune of Carouses.

How to defeat sacred beasts in Genshin Impact

Image by Pro Game Guides

Unlike Hermits and Fungi, Sacred Beasts are tough enemies that require more brute force than usual to defeat them. They are reminiscent of The Chasm’s Shadowy Husks in terms of power, so your recon team for fun might struggle a bit. If you want to farm fast, make sure you do take a stronger battle ready team with you. Bringing a Painter or a Healer with you can also be helpful, though an AoE circle will usually appear on the ground to help you dodge harder attacks.

After defeat, the Sacred Beasts randomly drop several Desiccated Shells, Sturdy Shells, and Hard Shells.

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