Where to find the Mage Tower in WoW Dragonflight

by Ana Lopez

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The fan-favorite Mage Tower has returned in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, bringing a solo experience like no other to the game. Since much of the action in this expansion takes place on the Dragon Isles, fans might have thought the tower would somehow get there, but that’s not the case.

Where is the Mage Tower in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

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Instead of being found in the Dragon Isles like the Revival Catalyst, the Mage Tower is located in the Broken Shores zone from the Legion expansion area. Players who haven’t played during the Legion expansion may not know how to get here, but it’s very simple.

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Found in Valdrakken’s town square is a portal to Dalaran, the town center of Legion’s expansion. A similar portal can be found in the portal rooms in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar, the capitals of Alliance and Horde, respectively. Once in Dalaran, players will want to take the flight path to Deliverance Point where they will see War Councilor Victoria standing outside the instance. All players have to do is talk to her to enter and get started.

What are the rewards of the Mage Tower?

Rewards from the Mage Tower aren’t too shabby either, as players can unlock Legion-themed armor appearances, the Guardian Druid Fel Wearbear Form, and the Soaring Spelltome mount. This is meant to be something experienced by max level characters, so Blizzard recommends doing it at level 70. The armor sets are class specific, so players are encouraged to come back and try different characters to unlock everything.

Part of the reason the Mage Tower has become so popular is that it gives the legions of solo players in World of Warcraft something to work towards. Not everyone likes group content in MMOs, so the Mage Tower represents a solo experience that’s still hard to complete.

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