Where to find High Radiation Fluids in Fallout 76

by Ana Lopez

Fallout 76 is an online MMO within the Fallout universe. The location is the Appalachian Mountains, but fans will feel right at home as in other Fallout titles. This region is home to many creatures, locations, and ingredients, including High Radiation Fluids. This is great crafting material, which may leave you wondering how to get High Radiation Fluids in Fallout 76.

Where to find High Radiation Fluids in Fallout 76

You will find High Radiation Fluids in Blast zones in Fallout 76. When you find these locations, you need to search for dead creatures or kill glowing creatures. These have a chance to have High Radiation Fluids as a drop or loot.

Where to find Blast Zones in Fallout 76

Blast Zones occur where nuclear strikes land. These can be recognized by the red circles on the map. You’ll want to get to these areas quickly and loot as much High Radiation Fluid as you can, as you may not see another nuclear strike for some time to come.

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Best places to destroy in Fallout 76

While you are free to choose where to launch a nuclear bomb, some locations are better than others. That’s why we recommend targeting these areas when launching a nuclear strike. Here are the best places to destroy in Fallout 76.

  • White Spring Resort
  • Morgantown airport
  • Fort Resistance
  • Fissure Site Prime
  • Harpers Ferry

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