When are gear coming to Destiny 2?

by Ana Lopez

For years, the Destiny 2 community has been asking for a feature common in similar games. Loadouts are immensely useful tools that save time and allow for easier buildcrafting. Since there are several customization options such as weapon mods, perks, and armor mods, it’s tedious to keep track of multiple builds. However, loadouts have been announced for Destiny 2, and they will come along with the Lightfall expansion. Join us as we explain gear in Destiny 2.

When are gear coming out in Destiny 2?

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In the TWAB mail before January 19, Bungie will provide more information about the upcoming loadout features. Loadouts will be released along with the Lightfall expansion on February 28, along with changes to Champion mechanics and online matchmaking. Loadouts allow players to save their favorite weapon perks, weapon mods, and armor mods. This allows players to easily switch between builds for each game mode and circumstance, saving them from having to slowly adjust their mods to suit the activity.

Can gear save cosmetics?

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Unfortunately, gear cannot save cosmetic preferences, such as ships, sparrows, ghost shells, finishers and decals. According to creative director Tyson Green, in a interview with pc gamer, “gear could be expanded to include some of those in the future.” For now, loadouts only cover the necessary aspects of buildcrafting, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie expanded their scope to include cosmetics.

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How many loadout slots can you use?

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Players can use up to 10 gear slots per Guardian, although not every slot will be available immediately upon release. To unlock more gear slots, you need to increase your Guardian rank. Still, players will have access to different gear slots once they’ve completed the New Light experience, so they should have plenty of room to test out builds on the day of Lightfall’s release.

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