‘Whatever he will do for power, we will fight for the truth and win but…’ Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the Center

by Ana Lopez

Today is the last day of Raipur session of Congress. On this last day, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi addressed. In his speech, he spoke about the current situation in the country, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Gautam Adani Way. Talking about Adani, Rahul said that we will ask questions till the truth of Adani comes out. He also called the BJP-RSS ‘sattagrahi’ while we are ‘satyagrahi’. Rahul further said that, ‘I mentioned that industrialist in Parliament, I only asked Modiji what is your relationship with Adaniji? And the entire BJP started patronizing Adani. But we will ask this question not once but often. Until the truth about Adani comes out, we will keep asking questions.” Shell companies in the defense sector are not being investigated. The fact that the Prime Minister did not say anything about it means that he is saving them.

It is clearly visible.’ Rahul Gandhi also targeted Prime Minister Modi regarding the issue of “Bharat Jodo Yatra” and flag waving in Kashmir. He said that ‘Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolor in Srinagar with 15-20 people of BJP, we hoisted the tricolor in Kashmir through lakhs of youth.’ He further said, ‘A minister said in one of his interviews that China’s economy is bigger than India’s. So how can we fight them? When the British ruled over us, was their economic system smaller than that of Apada? So it means not to fight with those who are stronger than you… Fighting with those who are weaker than yourself is not a big deal, it is not called nationalism.’ He also made such criticism.

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