What is happening in Dang…Third leader resigns

by Ana Lopez

A third resignation has taken place in the Dang district BJP organization on Monday. Minority Front General Secretary Asif Shah has resigned. State President CR Patil has written a letter stating that he has resigned due to internal factionalism in the organization. In the last two days, the third office-bearer in the Dang district organization has resigned, creating an uproar in the BJP. Earlier, district BJP president Dashrath Pawar and Ahwa Mandal president Sanjay Prashya had resigned. There is a discussion in the BJP that there will be more resignations in the coming days.

In these two days, the internal discord of BJP has become public in Dang district. After the resignation of Dang district BJP president Dashrath Pawar, there has been another resignation. Ahwa Mandal President Sanjaybhai D Prashaye has voluntarily resigned from his post. State President CR Patil has sent his resignation on his letterpad. For the last several days, there has been a dispute between the Dang BJP organization and the elected wing. Other office bearers are also likely to resign.

Changes are being made in the organization of BJP after the completion of assembly elections in the state. The presidents of the party organization in some districts are giving voluntary resignation.Dang district BJP president Dashrath Pawar, who raised the BJP in Dang district and contributed significantly to the party, sent his resignation to the president CR Patil. He said that he was voluntarily resigning by writing a letter. However, since many days, resentment towards the president was seen among the Dang BJP leaders. Dang resigned due to internal tension in the BJP organization.

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