What do birthdays do in Fire Emblem?

by Ana Lopez

Birthdays indoors Enable fire emblem are special. You can get gifts from your comrades Enable fire emblem and when they celebrate another year of life, there will be a special talk between you and your friend. This is what happens when you celebrate birthdays in Enable fire emblem.

  • Despite what some Fire Emblem fans believe, Engage is indeed a main game in the series.

Why does Fire Emblem Engage ask about your birthday?

Fire Emblem Engage Birthday

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When you first start Enable fire emblem and choose your difficulty level, the game will ask about your birthday. I recommend putting it in about a week from the first day you play the game so you can take full advantage of the mechanics. You’ll also need about a week to meet everyone in the game, as you won’t receive some party members until much later in the storyline; however, it depends on your play style. Anyway, pay attention to when you set the birthday.

Once that date arrives, explore the town of Somniel and meet all of your teammates. According to Spelpur, you get gifts from everyone. For example, Clanne provides a Large Plate. Oddly enough, you can return everything you get to improve your affinity level with your favorite characters in the game.

Once you get strong with your allies, you may want to give it your best during the Tempest Trials.

  • Did you know that you change the voices of the characters in Japanese?

You can visit friends during their birthday

Fire Emblem Involve friends' birthdays

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When your friends near Somniel celebrate their birthday, you can also give them gifts. They will give a unique interaction that day and thank you for thinking of them. Here are all the birthdays to keep in mind as you play Enable fire emblem. If you decide to romance one of them, you definitely want to remember the date! Beware: there are spoilers below:

  • Alcryst – October 15
  • Alfred – August 8
  • Amber – February 3
  • Boucheron – May 11
  • Bunet – May 30
  • Celine – December 18
  • Chloe – April 27
  • Clanne – March 10
  • Diamond – April 6
  • Etie – October 1
  • Frame – March 10
  • Fogado – February 14
  • Goldmarine – July 18
  • Hydrangea – June 3
  • Ivy – November 17
  • Jade – December 7
  • Kagetsu – December 22
  • Lapis – May 25
  • Louis – November 4
  • Merrin – September 24
  • Pandreo – January 6
  • Panette – October 23
  • Rosado – January 19
  • Seadall – April 21
  • Timmera – August 29
  • Vander – November 26
  • Zelkov – August 2

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