What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi say when he saw the tomatoes grown on the roof of the MP?

by Ana Lopez

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a master communicator. They are also very active on social media. BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sangeeta Yadav Morya shared a video on her Twitter account. In the video, he was seen with tomato plants growing in his rooftop garden. Along with this, he said to stay connected with nature when you get time. The touch of clay with your hands will give you great satisfaction. At the time of tweeting, he doesn’t realize that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will watch his video.

But to his surprise Modi took notice of his tweet and tweeted very nice. Connection with nature and healthy eating too. Others do the same at their homes.
Nowadays even the city people are doing roof gardening. By doing this you get fresh vegetables without the hassle of going out and it is also cheaper.

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