What are some things to keep in mind before cooking? The picture of Annapurna will solve Vastudosh! – What are some things to keep in mind before cooking The picture of Annapurna will solve Vastudosh

by Ana Lopez

If you have Vastudosha in your kitchen, you should put a picture of Lord Krishna eating miseri to remove it. It is said that due to the influence of this picture, the Vastudosh of the kitchen becomes lighter!

The kitchen of the house is believed to be the abode of both Mother Annapurna and Mother Lakshmi. It is said that if you do not take care of some things related to the kitchen of the house, then it is your turn to bear the displeasure of both Goddess Annapurna and Mother Lakshmi. Then let’s know how the kitchen of the house should be according to Vastu Shastra? And also, what things should be taken care of before cooking?

Kitchen and Architecture

⦁ If your kitchen is not in south-east or south-east then keep a small red bulb always on in this direction. This will give you relief from the Vastudosha of this direction.

⦁ Always keep one thing in mind that your kitchen should get adequate amount of sunlight. Natural daylight must be present in the kitchen.

⦁ The kitchen should be constructed in such a way that when you prepare food, your face should be towards east.

⦁ Fire and water should not be together in the kitchen. So both should not be very close to each other.

⦁ Black colored stone should never be used in kitchen as far as possible.

A simple remedy will remove the kitchen’s Vastudos!

⦁ A picture of Mata Annapurna should be placed in the home kitchen as necessary. Because Goddess Annapurna is the patron of food. It is only by His grace that the living gets food. It is necessary to do darshan and remembrance of Mother Annapurna before preparing daily meals. At the same time remember the deity and then start cooking.

⦁ If you have Vastu Dosh in your kitchen then a picture of baby Shri Krishna should be painted to remove it. It is said that due to the effect of this picture, the Vastudosha of the kitchen gets lightened.

⦁ To remove Vastudosha of kitchen 4 swastikas of kumkum should be made in its 4 corners.

⦁ If possible, keep a silver coin in the container where you have stored rice in the kitchen. According to belief, with this remedy, the stock of the house is filled forever.

⦁ If possible, Ganga water should be sprinkled in the kitchen regularly. It destroys all the doshas related to the kitchen.

⦁ Whenever you knead dough for roti, little warm water and milk should be added to it. It is said that it maintains happiness and prosperity in your home.

⦁ The mixer should be placed in south direction in your kitchen.

What will you pay attention to?

⦁ Always maintain physical hygiene whenever you enter the kitchen. Always cook after bathing.

⦁ Preparation of food should be started by remembering Goddess Annapurna and Ishtadev.

⦁ Chants or any mantra should be chanted in a low voice while preparing food. It is said that it adds sattvikness to the food.

⦁ Before you partake of the food, you must offer sacrifices to the Lord.

(Note: The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, which have no scientific basis. This article is presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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