We used to enjoy seeing any police come and stare at us

by Ana Lopez

Jain Monk’s Himalayan Journey – Acharya Vijay Shri Hardikaratnasuriji M.S.

A. Jeth Vad 9, Friday dt. 8.6.2018
Reached Sonprayag this morning, there are plenty of hotels. No vehicle goes ahead from here so vehicles are seen everywhere. A permission pass has to be taken to go to Kedar Tirth from here. While we were still entering Sonprayag, a Khakhivardi policeman came in front and gave orders
‘Stand up’
We were ‘stuck’,
‘Where do you come from?’
We said – from Gujarat
‘Who are you? Why have you come here?’
We are Jain monks. have come for a pilgrimage.
You lie, Jain monks are naked, you are clothed.
We said: Hey! He was a Digambar Jain monk. We are clothed monks.
Are there any sadhus like that? Do you have proof?
Hey! Our dress is proof, we are Jain sadhus.
Show ID
Jain Sadhu’s ID It was not
How could it not be? Live in Hindustan and ID. Do not keep? base
The card will have to be given.
But we had no card. Aadhaar Card Kya Pancard-Debit-Credit
Card-ration card was nothing.
Address where you live
We did not have an address, we have left everything.
The face of that policeman became like watching. He did not understand what to do with us?
The poor man must be wondering with whom he has fallen in this morning dawn.
Finally he got tired and asked.
Which hotel will you stay in?
We said – हुम जान साधु हैन को होटल में नहीं जुत्ते.
The uniformed man fell down, saying where will you stay?
We said – in the temple
There is no such temple here
So tell me where to go?
Now the police are really worried, where to keep these monks. A thought came to his mind,
So you stay in the police station
We said – let’s go, stay anywhere, we need to chant Bhagwan ka bhajan करना है, at the police station
Then more joy will come.
The police were all happy. The joke – the joke turned out to be true, we pitched a ‘dera tent’ in the police station – there was good worship throughout the day. We used to enjoy seeing any police come and stare at us. He did not let go of this moment of following the Jain monk so closely. Every five minutes some policeman comes and asks for the introduction of some monk, we answer. (Sequentially:)

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