We don’t need to go to Guwahati nor…-Sanjay Raut

by Ana Lopez

Nashik: Thackeray group leader Sanjay Raut is currently visiting Nashik and in this event he criticized BJP including Amit Shah. Raut had arrived to attend a function at the temple. Speaking at the inauguration of the welcome arch of Buvaji Baba Devasthan in Nashik by Sanjay Rau, Raut said that Buvaji Baba Devasthan is one of the holiest places in Maharashtra and that’s why we don’t need to go to Guwahati. We don’t need Guwahati and redyas (padas). We have Buwaji Baba Devsthan. Raut further said that currently we have the challenge of sustaining Balasahebhanchi Shiv Sena and we are fighting for that. Raut is currently visiting Nashik. On the other hand, today the Supreme Court is hearing about the power struggle of Maharashtra. The hearing on the disqualification of MLAs is going on. The decision of the Election Commission was heard today in the afternoon.

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