We are in love with this Arknights Surtr Nendroid

by Ana Lopez

We all love a good old tactical mobile RPG here at business updates (I think the name gives it away, don’t you?), and we’ve been big fans of Hypergryph’s Arknights since its release. So, of course, we find ourselves counting the days until payday as Good Smile announces the absolutely adorable Arknights Sutr Nendroid.

This fiery redhead is a mainstay on most of our teams – just check out our Arknights level list to find her in the S rank guards alongside my other personal favorite, SilverAsh – and now we can have our best girl as a mainstay on our shelves too.

Since Nendroids are such a popular staple in most anime and game geek stock (including us), you’re probably familiar with the features, but just in case, this adorable Surtr figure comes with three face plates and several optional parts, so you can pose her however you want. From the examples on the store page, the combination of staring face and ice cream is an absolute winner for us.

You can pre-order Arknight’s Surtr Nendroid on the Good Smile Online store from now until March 2023, although she may take a while to get to you as her release date is set for July 2023, and she’s likely to have quite a few critters to beat up along the way. She is listed at ¥7,300, which is currently trading at around $56.88 / £46.30, not including shipping or import charges. look at the Frequently Asked Questions about Good Smile Company page to learn more.

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In addition to the adorable Surtr Nendroid, on this page we fell down a rabbit hole of adorable Arknights merchandise, including this gorgeous figure of the handsome Arknight’s SilverAshand a beautiful, detailed image of Surtr chilling on a hand of molten stone.

(May I add that this is not a promoted post and we are not affiliated with Good Smile Company in any way, we are just massive geeks who like to spend our free time drooling over kickass character figures…)

Arknights merch - several overlapping photos of the Arknights Surtr Nendroid

Anyway, if you can tear yourself away from ogling the adorable Arknights Surtr Nendroid and other great Arknights merchandise, you might be pleased to discover that an Arknights sequel is on the horizon. Check out the Arknights Endfield release date for more information.

There’s also another game in the works for Arknights developer Hypergryph, which is shaping up to be a really intriguing premium mobile title. Head over to our Ex Astris release date guide to keep it on your radar.

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