Warframe Blind Rage, explained and how to get it

by Ana Lopez

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As Tenno, getting the best mods is one of your main goals as you fight your way through waves of enemies in Warframe. Mods are attachments that grant bonus stats and effects to your warframe, weapon, or your companion. One of the best mods for mid to late gamers is the Blind Rage mod. This is a mod that you can equip on your war frame for a significant increase in skill strength, but it comes at a cost. Read on to find out how Blind Rage works and how to get it in Warframe.

What is Blind Fury in Warframe?

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Blind Rage is a Corrupted warframe mod that significantly increases the skill strength of your warframe, while at the same time reducing the skill efficiency. This means that while you deal a lot more damage with your skills, they also cost more energy to use.

While the negative effect on skill efficiency is quite high at maximum rank (-55%), Blind Rage can be an excellent mod for the right build. For example, at rank 5, Blind Rage gains 24% skill power compared to Intensify’s. Therefore, pairing Blind Rage with a maximum rank Streamline mod will reduce the negative skill efficiency effect while also providing increased skill strength. The following is the progress of stats for Blind Rage mod in Warframe.

Rank Ability Strength Power Efficiency Cost
0 9% -5% 6
1 18% -10% 7
2 27% -15% 8
3 36% -20% 9
4 45% -25% 10
5 54% -30% 11
6 63% -35% 12
7 72% -40% 13
8 81% -45% 14
9 90% -50% 15
10 99% -55% 16

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How to get the Blind Rage mod in Warframe

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Blind Rage can be obtained through the Orokin Vaults in the Orokin leave tileset. These safes can be found on every mission map on Deimos, except the Cambion Drift, Hyf, Xecuias and Magnacidium. To open these safes, the player must wear a specific one Dragon Key. There are four Dragon Keys in total and they can be obtained from the Orokin Research Lab in the Dojo. It’s worth noting that each Dragon Key comes with a certain debuff that applies to the player who carries it. The following are all Dragon Keys and their debuffs in Warframe:

  • Bleeding key: -75% Health
  • Extinguished key: -75% Damage
  • Rotting key: -75% Shield
  • Blocked key: -50% speed

Once you have the required Dragon Keys, go to any mission on the Orokin Derelict tile set and search for the Orokin Vault. Once you find it, use the Dragon Key needed to open the vault and pick up the Orokin artifact in the vault. Then complete your mission to find out which mod you will receive. The Blind Rage mod has a 4.35% chance to drop out of Orokin Vaults. To increase your chances of getting it, we recommend that you download the Extermination On Phlegyassince there are less rooms to spawn in this mission.

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