Visited this temple city? More than 500 temples are located here…

by Ana Lopez

India is a land of temples and devotees. India is known for its specialties and today we are going to talk about one such city here. This city is also known as Temple City, where there are more than 500 temples, not just one or two. People call this city the Temple City because of such a large number of temples.

Yes, we are talking about Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha… Bhubaneswar is home to many famous, artistic temples. There are also many temples here, which were built in the 6th and 11th centuries and these temples give the city a unique identity around the world.

The ‘Ekmara Kshetra’ temple of Bhubaneswar is a unique example of thousands of years of heritage and culture. The temple is known for its unique architecture and its name has also been included in the UNESCO list. Apart from this, there are many other ancient temples in the city, which will prove helpful in understanding the ancient history.

Many temples of Bhubaneswar are very famous not only in Bhubaneswar or India but also worldwide. A large number of devotees and tourists visit here every year, one of which is the famous Lingaraj temple. A large number of Shiva devotees visit this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva every day. After coming here, you will also get a chance to visit Mukteshwar Temple, Rajarani Temple and Anant Vasudeva Temple within the temple premises itself.

This famous area of ​​Bhubaneswar is the most important center of Hindu faith and is included in the major pilgrimage sites. It is no exaggeration to say that the temples here are excellent examples of ancient Indian architecture. Every temple here has a unique historical significance. The temples here tell the story of Odisha’s history and cultural identity. The Rath Yatra here has a different significance, which is taken out during Shivratri and Durga Puja to witness the splendor of this place.

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