Viral Video News : How homemade ice cream was made at home in summer, if you watch video, you will remember 90s – how homemade ice cream was made at home in summer, if you watch video, you will remember 90s

by Ana Lopez

Eating ice cream is the first desire of everyone in scorching heat..Irrespective of age, ice cream craze never fades. But do you know how ice cream was made in the 90s? Watch this video

With the onset of heat, people start thinking about ice cream. Be it kids or adults, everyone is crazy about it. Ice cream is often served after meals in our homes. But nowadays most of the people would know the taste of ice cream bought from the market, but even a child of 90’s would know the taste of home made ice cream very well… the thought of that ice cream evokes a different kind of taste and many memories. But making it requires not only milk and custard powder, but many other ingredients.

Today’s kids will neither understand the taste of homemade ice cream nor how to make ice cream… although a video has come out these days. Where it is shown how earlier people used to make ice-cream by playing jugad. This video shows how homemade ice cream was made with the help of a fan.

This video has been shared by business tycoon Anand Mahindra on Twitter. In which a woman is seen making ice cream with the help of a ceiling fan. Sharing this clip, the businessman said that this trick of making ice cream is amazing. Sharing the clip, it was written, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way… Ice cream made with the help of hands and a fan can only be seen in India.” As soon as this video came out, it went incredibly viral and got a lot of response.

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You can also learn how to make desi ice cream by watching this 2:30 long video. In the video, a woman can be seen preparing the ice cream mixture by pouring it into a large steel container. He then shifts it to a large container and then fills it with ice and turns it on by attaching it to a fan hanging from the ceiling. After which the fan rotates slowly and after a while the ice cream is ready… then the lady takes it out in a container and serves it.

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