Viral Video: ‘Didi’ Stylizes On Skateboard, The Next Moment It Happened That Will Make You Laugh – Viral Video: Foreign Girl Stylizes On Skateboard, The Next Moment It Happened That Will Make You Laugh

by Ana Lopez

Twitter Viral Video: In a video going viral on social media, a girl is seen skating. But the next moment something like this happens, which makes people stop laughing.

Viral Video: 'Didi' stilts on a skateboard, the next moment it happens that will make you laugh

Watch the funny video of the girl

Image Credit source: Twitter/@ChickThang

Girl Funny Video: Some videos keep going viral in the world of social media. Some of these are shocking, while some are laugh-out-loud hard to control. Currently, a video of a girl skating is fast becoming viral, seeing which people could not stop laughing. It happened that the girl was hitting the style on the skate board…but the next moment he was playing with it. Read trending news here.

In the viral video, you can see a girl enjoying skating on a skating track. But bro, looks like ‘Didi’ has become difficult to style on a skateboard. This is why people have stopped laughing at whatever happens the next moment. It can be seen in the video that the girl goes out to ride the skateboard professionally without practicing. But the next moment he loses his balance and then falls to the ground.

Watch the viral video

This clip of a few seconds was shared on Twitter by the handle @ChickThang. The clip has so far been viewed over 1.1 lakh times, while more than 2 thousand people have liked it. Apart from this, netizens are also commenting and sharing heavily.

One user commented, Ouch. At the same time, another user says, hitting without a practice style results in something like this. Another user commented and wrote, Lo bhaiya… the giraffe is gone. Overall, after watching this video, Twitter users are enjoying the boy a lot.


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