Viral Video: A foreign daughter-in-law was seen making tea for her husband in the kitchen with vermilion, after listening to Hindi, users gave a similar reaction – A video of a German daughter-in-law making tea for her husband in the kitchen with vermilion has gone viral

by Ana Lopez

The video of the foreign bridegroom is fast becoming viral on social media. In which Julie from Germany is seen making tea in the kitchen wearing a saree. Users are stunned after listening to Hindi.

Viral Video: Foreign daughter-in-law seen making tea for husband in the kitchen with vermilion, users gave similar reaction after hearing Hindi

People were shocked to hear the Hindi of the foreigner’s son-in-law

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India is well known all over the world for its culture. This is the reason why a large number every year Foreigner Tourists flock to India. During which he is warmly welcomed in every corner of the country. Due to this image of India, many foreigners are now seen marrying Indians. Due to which many foreigners have been seen adopting Indian culture.

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Recently a foreign woman is going viral on social media very fast. The woman seen in the video is said to be from Germany. Whose name is said to be Julie. In fact, this very beautiful lady from Germany is married to an Indian man, Arjun Sharma, and now she is completely painted Indian. According to an information, she came to India two years ago during the Corona period. After which he has now decided to stay in India.

Currently, Julie Sharma has an Instagram account on social media called Namaste Julie, on which she keeps giving updates about her husband and his daily activities. In most of the videos, Julie can be seen wearing a saree and wearing vermilion and a bindi on her forehead. In a video, she is seen making tea in the kitchen wearing a saree. During which she tells her husband that her mother-in-law has taught her how to make tea.

In most of her videos, Julie is seen speaking in Hindi like a typical Indian. After seeing which has won the hearts of users. Her tea making videos are getting a lot of love on social media. As of this writing, his video has received over 6.9 million views. At the same time, more than 4 lakh users have liked it. Users are constantly seen commenting on his cute reaction videos. Many users commented and wrote that Julie is looking very beautiful in the saree. At the same time, most of the users have highly appreciated its Hindi.

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