Viral Video: A boy made a dress from wheat grains, people said that this boy Urfi Javed was also left behind

by Ana Lopez

Recently, a video of TikToker Tharun is going viral on social media. In which he is seen in a dress made of wheat grains with his creativity. Seeing which users are stunned.

Viral Video: Boy made a dress out of wheat grains, users said - he left Javed behind

Image Credit source: Instagram

Nowadays the world is moving very fast on the path of development. Along with this, people’s lifestyle is also changing in their dress. Many changes are happening in the world of fashion. Model and television actress in India alias Javed Known for her fashion sense. Who are seen in strange dresses every day and are in the headlines. Meanwhile, one person is also grabbing everyone’s attention for her unusual fashion sense. The video of which is doing the rounds on social media these days.

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A person who goes by the account TikToker Tharun on Instagram is often seen in amazingly designed dresses. In which he is seen making a dress from unique items through his creativity. Recently, a video has surfaced, in which a person is seen wearing a dress made of wheat grains. Which is made by sticking wheat grains on plastic. A person’s creativity attracts everyone’s attention.

Recently, TikToker Tharun’s creativity on Instagram is not stopping. There are many such videos on social media. In which she is seen wearing an orange dress. Out of which she has made a dress out of red chillies. Apart from this, in another video, she is seen in a dress made of pottery. TikToker Tharun has given a big message with this kind of dress that how we can use most of the useless things of the society.

The video of the wheat dress that surfaced on social media has received more than 16 million i.e. about one crore 60 lakh views, while the chili dress has received more than 27 million i.e. about 27 million views. In such a situation, TikToker is comparing Tharun with alias Javed’s fashion sense and calling him better than alias. While appreciating his creativity, everyone is calling him a wonderful person.

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