Viral infection cases increased in Ahmedabad, due to double season the epidemic worsened – Viral infection case breaks all records in Ahmedabad record breaking cases reported in civil hospital

by Ana Lopez

Ahmedabad: Cases of viral infections have increased in the city. Sola Civil Hospital has 1700 cases registered in OPD every day. In January 2023, 4,128 cases were reported.

Cases of viral infection increased in Ahmedabad, due to double season the epidemic worsened

Cases of cold cough increased

There has been a steady increase in cases of viral infections in the country for the last 2 to 3 months. Then the question is being asked whether any new virus has entered. We will get the answer to that question as well. But first know that the increasing cases of viral infection in Ahmedabad have broken all records. Due to the double season, the epidemic continues to worsen. A record breaking case of viral infection has been reported in Ahmedabad’s Sola Civil Hospital.

Increase in viral cases in Ahmedabad!

  • Record breaking cases reported in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital
  • 1700 cases in OPD daily in Sola Civil Hospital
  • In January 2023, 4,128 cases were reported
  • A total of over 5,000 cases reported in February 2023
  • Earlier there were 1225 cases of viral infection every week
  • 1391 cases of viral were reported from last 1 week

The question is being raised here that even before this people were having cold cough and fever. But this time the cough does not cure the people. When people do not get relief after taking any medicine or home remedy for three weeks, let’s try to find out the reason behind this but before that, know that,

Increased cases of H3N2 virus

  • The cases of H3N2 virus are increasing in the country
  • Indian Medical Association issued an important advisory
  • Seasonal flu symptoms last 5 to 7 days in people
  • People have fever for 3 days
  • People’s cough does not go away for 3 weeks
  • 15 to 50 year old people are being victimized

People have started taking antibiotics on their own. But the medicine which was saving lives before. Those antibiotics no longer seem to have any effect. More and more people have to be given hydose or even third generation antibiotics. But the way people have started taking medicine on their own. It is a big serious problem.

People have started getting sick more after Corona. There are many reasons behind it. Surprisingly, not only people are being negligent in taking medicine but doctors are also starting to practice antibiotics in minor ailments. Due to which the immunity of people has decreased. In Corona, patients have been given a large amount of steroids and the life style of people has also changed, people avoid going out in the sun. As a result, vitamin D deficiency is seen in 80 percent of Indians and it has a direct impact on the immune system.

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In view of the type of patients who are coming in front, IMA has announced an advisory and it has appealed to people not to take antibiotic medicine themselves if they have cold, cough and fever and doctors have also been advised that such patients Anti-allergic drugs should be given first and antibiotic drugs should be avoided

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