Untold Truth About Charles Manson’s Son, Valentine Michael Manson

by Ana Lopez


Who is Valentine Michael Manson?

Born on April 15, 1968 in Los Angeles, California, USA, Valentine Michael Manson is best known as the son of cult leader Charles Manson, who was responsible for running the Manson family. The group is said to be responsible for a series of murders that would lead to the arrest of many of its members, including his mother, Mary Brunner.

The Wealth of Valentine Michael Manson

As of the beginning of 2020, Valentine Michael Manson’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000 earned through success in his various endeavors. He has spent most of his life moving away from the limelight and fame of his father, even taking over from his mother. No details are known about his career.

Valentine’s Parents – The Manson Family

Valentine’s father Charles Manson was a criminal for most of his life, often imprisoned for petty crimes at first. In 1967, shortly after his release from prison, he moved to San Francisco, California, and unable to find a job, began begging. During this time he met library assistant Mary Brunner, Valentine’s mother, and his charm won her over. The two would soon move in together.

After some time, Charles convinced Mary that they should invite other people to their home, and that they would drive across California inviting mostly young women who were enamored with the prospect of the hippie lifestyle and living together.

The group toured the Southwestern US and she eventually got pregnant – because Charles hated one of his “familyMembers going to hospitals, Valentine was born while the family was staying in a run-down house in Topanga Canyon. Just a few weeks old, police found his mother and a group of naked “relatives” lying in a ditch on a bus; all were arrested, but later released. Valentine was also found there in poor conditions, and the police took him away, accusing his mother of complicity in a minor’s crime.

Manson family

The murders of the Manson family

After the initial arrests, Valentine’s grandparents grew increasingly concerned that this family was headed for something much worse. Charles came to believe that he was a reincarnation of Christ and spat out numerous beliefs and teachings based on himself. Many of his followers swallowed his charm, as he was highly skilled at manipulating people, often using sex as a way to solicit or gain favours.

Valentine was adopted by his grandparents after his mother’s arrest, and they named him Michael Brunner to lose his connection to his father.

Later, some members of the Manson family killed music teacher Hinman for allegedly refusing to join the family, and gave access to his sources. While the accounts are vague, Manson was allegedly behind the whole ordeal and later used his wits to try to cover up his family’s actions. Soon more murders would occur, culminating in the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate. crime wave along with protests, to try to release him, or at least lift the death penalty. His mother was sentenced to life in prison following her involvement in a shootout in Hawthorne, California when they were captured.

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The aftermath of the murders

Valentine Michael was far from his parents when the murders happened and was protected by his grandparents. He grew up in a much better environment, raised by his grandparents whom he would consider his parents because of the love shown to him. His mother, who was sentenced to life, was later paroled in the late 1970s for good behavior.

After her release, she disappeared from the public eye and not much is known about her, though she reconnected with her child, with a rare interview with Valentine stating that his relationship with his mother was something akin to siblings .

He couldn’t prevent people from finding out his father’s identity eventually, which led to a lot of harassment. He even received threats from time to time which were promptly dealt with by the authorities. At some point, he realized that he would never be free from the influence of his parents’ actions.

One last appearance

By the 1990s, Valentine remained the only living son of Charles, who had two older children, both also born to Manson relatives. The oldest Charles Jr. reportedly committed suicide while on a holiday trip. Throughout his life, he could not fathom and distance himself from his father’s actions, especially since he bore his father’s name.

Charles’ second son disappeared from public attention and nothing is known about him. However, records indicate that he may have died sometime in his adulthood.

As an adult, Valentine knew he would never be far from his father’s legacy, so he did approached the media to clear the air. In one of his last interviews and public appearances, he stated that his grandparents were his real parents. He took another name and refused to be associated with Charles Manson in any way, destroying all the letters Charles sent him from prison, but apparently remains close to his mother.

Private life

Little has been heard about his life since then.

It is known that Valentine Michael is married and has children, but since he has not appeared in public, details about them are unknown, except that he realized the importance of staying as a family and taking care of a child.

Charles Manson passed away in 2017 from colon cancer. After his death, at least three people reported having a copy of his will. Valentine did not participate in these events and had no interest in anything related to his biological father. The three people who competed for his body and estate were all connected to Charles in some way. The case was finally won by Charles’ grandson, Jason Freeman who is the son of his eldest, Charles Jr.

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