University seeks help to end dog cruelty, Animal Welfare Board threatens university itself

by Ana Lopez

Incidents of increasing terror of dogs are happening continuously in Gujarat. Meanwhile, a dispute has arisen between Ahmedabad-based Nirma University and a member of the Gujarat State Animal Welfare Board (GSAWB) over the issue of stray dogs being tortured in the university campus.
When a university official wrote to GSAWB about the increasing dog harassment on the 115-acre campus of the university, the board member asked to arrange shelter, food and medical care for the dogs on the university campus. Also warned to take legal action against the university.
According to a press report, a Nirma University official wrote a letter to a GSAWB member on March 22 regarding the increasing dog harassment on campus. The letter to him said that “12,000 people are present on the campus of the university, including students, faculty, staff and contract workers. About 2,100 of those students and staff live on campus. Dog abuse has been increasing in the university for some time now. Recently, one of our employees was attacked by dogs and was hospitalized for a week,”
He told that the dogs enter the premises of the academic building. Infiltrates classrooms, offices and corridors. He requested GSAWB member Rajendra Shah to take his plea on priority and help end the problem of stray dogs in the university.
In response, the GSAWB member advised the university to arrange shelter, food from the canteen and medical care for the dogs in the campus. He further alleged, “We have heard from a very reliable source that students are being threatened with suspension and some have been suspended for feeding dogs, which is illegal. Stop such activity, you may face legal action.’
He said, “Dogs are the most loyal animals, we need to keep them properly. It happens that people do not feed the dogs and even abuse them. Hungry dogs sometimes become violent. If animals or humans are hungry, they get irritated over small things, we should understand this simple thing.”

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