Ubisoft shares plummet amid Skull & Bones slowdown

by Ana Lopez

It could be time for some to abandon ship, like Ubisoft Singapore’s latest delay Skull bones has thrown the wider world of publisher Ubisoft into a sea of ​​trouble.

Ubisoft may be known for having critically acclaimed franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Distant cry on its masthead, but it’s safe to say some have a sinking feeling about the gaming giant amid complaints that it’s just spouting tired titles.

What’s going on with Ubisoft?

Supposedly Ubisoft’s next big thing, Skull bones has been in development for the past decade – it began life as an MMO spin-off of the beloved Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Unfortunately, it’s now been delayed for a staggering sixth time and could beat Ubisoft with it.

According to Morning star, Ubisoft stock prices just hit a seven-year low. Comes just after the announcement of the Skull bones delay is certainly not a coincidence.

Ubisoft took a hit of 10.6% on Jan. 11 and continued to fall to 14%, with the France-based publisher slashing its third-quarter targets, citing “major challenges” amid a slowing economy. The company’s targets are down from $830 million to $725 million, while net bookings are also expected to fall 10%.

Ubisoft Chief Executive Yves Guillemot explains what’s going on: “We are clearly disappointed with our recent performance. We face contrasting market dynamics as the industry continues to shift towards mega-brands and eternal live games, in the context of deteriorating economic conditions . affect consumer spending.”

Away from Skull bonesputs the blame on Ubisoft Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and Just dance 2023, both of which underperformed despite an “ambitious marketing plan”.

Is Skull & Bones still out?

If you can keep up, Skull bones has now been pushed from the seemingly solid March 9 release to sometime in the next financial year of April 2023 to March 2024. Yet this shaky ship is still sailing towards an eventual release date.

Things aren’t looking good for Ubisoft, with the distress call from investors confirming that three unannounced games have been shelved. This brings it to an alarming total of seven deprecated games in just six months.

The plan is to recover €200 million over the next two years through restructuring and asset sales. Worryingly, that sounds like layoffs to us. As if this wasn’t bad enough, gaming insider Jeff Grubb claims that Ubisoft is currently being laughed out of the room when it tries to get itself bought out by another publisher.

Even though the industry is currently on an uneven keel, the console wars see the likes of Microsoft and Sony trying to gobble everyone up – most commonly in the Activision Blizzard war which is still raging. You’d expect someone with Ubisoft’s catalog to be the catch of the day.

Still, Ubisoft has a packed bar included Avatar: Limits of Pandoraan open world Star Wars game, and a ton of it Assassin’s Creed titles. Important, the Basim-centric Assassin’s Creed Mirage would be released in 2023.

Ubisoft’s future remains unclear, but it’s increasingly looking like it’s pinning much of its hopes Skull bones. Will this be the loot the publisher needs or just a rotten albatross hanging around his neck? Watch this space.

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