Two students from Mehsana who went from Canada to the US with a plan to infiltrate go missing

by Ana Lopez

In Mehsana-Gandhinagar, especially among the youth, the craze to enter America like Yenken has become home. Thus, despite knowing the dire consequences of infiltration, people resort to illegal means of infiltration abroad. Again such an incident has happened with the family of Mehsana in Gujarat. The family is worried about the news of two youths from Kalol of Gandhinagar missing in Canada. Both the students went to Canada on student visas and their families have not been able to contact them for 20 days. The family has made representations to the Canadian Embassy.
According to the information received from the sources, two youths from Mehsana had gone to Canada on student visa and here they were in the process of going to America illegally. According to the information received, these two youths in a group of 12 people were going to illegally enter the United States from Canada, but now the family has become worried as there has been no contact with these two youths for the last 20 days. Everyone still remembers the Dingucha incident in which 4 people were killed in the illegal crossing of the Canadian border to America. 39-year-old Jagdish Patel, his 37-year-old wife, 12-year-old Veehangi and 3-year-old religious died. These four people died due to extreme cold. Besides, Bridge Kumar Yadav of Kalol also died after falling from Trump Wall. In this situation, the situation of the family has become pathetic as the youth of Mehsana goes missing.
After the Dingucha incident, security agencies and embassies have become vigilant and thus many of the agents who smuggle people into the US illegally are under the control of the police and some are being hunted, but people themselves need to be vigilant. There is a legal way to go abroad, it should be done that way.

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