TSA: Peanut butter jars, ice cream not allowed in carry-on luggage

by Ana Lopez

Seasoned travelers know the woes of trying to fly without checking fluids due to the strict capacity restrictions imposed by the Transportation Security Administration.

While not everyone knows that 3.4 fluid ounces is the standard maximum amount of fluid allowed on a flight (with all of the fluid having to fit in a quart bag), most people can determine whether or not something is a fluid is by just looking at it.

However, travelers rioted this week after the TSA shared a Tweet from a jar of peanut butter explaining that while nut butters may not feel or look liquid, they are considered liquid based solely on the containers they come in.

“A liquid has no definite shape and takes on a shape determined by its packaging,” TSA wrote over a photo of a peanut butter jar.

The Tweet was likely in response to a now-viral Tweet from podcaster Patrick Never, who said he ran into the issue of peanut butter on a recent trip.

Neve’s tweet has since been viewed more than 10.5 million times and has received a slew of comments from followers who shared their experience trying to get the salty snack through security.

“This has happened to me before,” said one woman. “In Italy, my husband has taken an entire lasagna as hand luggage.”

“I got on a flight to go back to college. I had some bread and peanut butter,” explained another traveler. “TSA made me throw out my OJ. She offered to let me make a sandwich with it first. Which begs the question, if I had used the whole jar to make sandwiches, why would it have been any good?”

According to the TSA websitepeanut butter of any size is allowed in a checked bag, but for carry-on luggage, it must be “less than or equal to 3.4 oz / 100 ml”.

Salsa, sauces, hummus, creamy dips and spreads, and ice cream are in the category same category as peanut butter and can therefore only be carried as hand luggage to a limited extent.

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