Trijata: A very minor but memorable character of Ramayana

by Ana Lopez

From Logic to Extraction -Jignesh Adhyaru

Who doesn’t know Trijata? In Ramayana, the saga of our history, culture and civilization, Ravana abducted mother Sita and kept her in Ashoka Vatika in Lanka. Here the task of protecting the mother was assigned to a demon named Trijata among many demons. Usually: Demons are cruel and spare no effort to harass, but Trijata is different, it is sensitive, thoughtful, it can be a friend.
From the point of view of an author, Trijata has mainly done three works in the Ramayana. The first and most important thing is that he constantly comforts the sad and disappointed Sitaji and gives her hope that everything will be fine. This positivity from a demon suggests that the demons were performing demonic activities of a nature rather than a sexual nature. There are two characters that put even the race of demons at a respectable height. The first is Vibhishana who explains to Ravana that it is not right to kidnap someone else’s wife and forcefully keep her here, Ravana should hand over Sitaji back to Sriram. Although Ravana does not listen to him and insults him, Vibhishan does not pay his karma. Trijata’s second job is to keep Sitaji informed about the happenings and the third job is to save Sitaji from harassment by other demons.
Ravana has tasked Trijata and other demons to convince Sitaji by any means, be it sam, dam, danda or bhed, and convince her to marry Ravana. When demons harass Sita after Ravana leaves, Trijata tells them about her dream. Sriram Trijata dreams of Lanka being burnt by a monkey and coming across the ocean for Sitaji. And the demons, frightened by this, stop harassing Sitaji. Shocked by Ravana’s treacherous abduction, anxious and grief-stricken by his marriage proposal, this brings great peace to Sitaji.
Trijata is old, experienced, he understands Sitaji’s sentiments, and that is why he remains Sitaji’s friend and elder in difficult circumstances. Sitaji has so much faith and trust in Trijata that she addresses her as mother. In Lankan
It is written, on the opposite side Trijata Mata Sita Janaki, Princess
etc. calls out to him dearly with addresses, gives constant reassurance and conveys confidence that Ramachandra will win the war.
A dirty mouth stems from anxiety. Trijata Sun spoke then Sita.
Hodahi kaha kahsi kin mata. In some ways, I will die.
Multi-method Tax Complaints. Kari Kari Surati Kirpanidhana ॥
Kah trijata sunu princess. Ur Sir Cost Marad Surari ॥
Trijata is depicted as the daughter of Vibhishana in some interpolations of the Kamba, Oriya and Javanese Ramayanas. Some texts also show her as a hidden servant of Ravana who is placed to win Sitaji’s trust and convince him but Trijata does not. The story of the Ramayana of Bali and other regions is very different from ours. It is said that after the war, Shriram and Sitaji honored him and gave him many gifts. In the southern Ramayana, she is also seen as the wife of Hanumanji, with whom she also has a son.
Trijata is thus a very minor but important character in the Ramayana, a character who leaves a heart-warming impression on our psyche.
Ehi ke Hridayen Bus Janaki Janaki ur mum bas hai.
Mam udar bhuan many cost ban sab kar naas hai.
Suni Bachan Harsh Vishad Man Ati Tehi Puni Trijatan Kaha.
Now Marihi Ripu Ehi Bidhi Sunhi Sundari Tjahi Sansay Maha.
‘He (Shri Ram) stops thinking that this has Janaki in his heart and Janaki has me in his heart.
There is a residence, there are many Bhuvans in me, so if I shoot an arrow in Ravana’s heart, all the Bhuvans will be destroyed.’
Hearing this promise of Trijata, knowing that Sitaji’s mind was extremely happy and sad, Trijata again said, ‘O Sundari, give up this doubt and listen, the enemy will die like this.’

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