Transfer of 109 officers simultaneously in Gujarat

by Ana Lopez

In Gujarat, there have been many times of sudden transfers. On Friday, the government broke its own record and transferred 109 officers at once. Among these officers, drastic changes have been made among the IAS officers on a large scale. According to the current information, transfer orders of 109 IAS officers have been released. The officers including Mukesh Puri, AK Rakesh, Kamal Dayani, Arun Solanki, Mukesh Kumar, Rameshchandra Meena have been transferred.
Many senior officers including Mohammad Shaheed, Sanjeev Kumar, Rupwant Singh Manishachandra and BN Pani as well as Harshad Patel, Alok Pandey have been transferred. While 10 officers including Ramya Mohan and Dilip Rana have also been promoted.
The government has changed the officers from top to bottom in the administration of the state. A total of 109 civil servants have been transferred. In which three IASs have also been replaced from Kutch. Gujarati IAS Dilip Rana, the current collector of Kutch, has been promoted in super time scale and posted as municipal commissioner in Vadodara. While Rajkot Municipal Commissioner Amit Arora has been appointed as the new collector of Kutch. Along with Kutch Collector, DDO Bhavya Verma and Bhuj Provincial Officer Atirag Chaplot have also been transferred.
Transfer of officers is an important issue in every state government. Officers also have a political class, on the basis of which transfers or promotions are considered. Along with this which changes based on their understanding of the subject and the experience of working in that area. Even if the officer changes, the working system changes and if the general public gets justice, then the changes are meaningful.

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