Threat to settle Salman Khan: Minor caught

by Ana Lopez

(from our representative)
Mumbai: A minor was taken into custody from Shahpur for making a call to the police control room allegedly threatening to kill Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on 30th.
According to the police, the threatening call was received at the control room at 79 on Monday night. The caller said, ‘I am going to kill Salman on the 30th. Inform him…’ and hung up the phone saying that.
The threatening call was made from a mobile phone. The control room officer immediately made a return call on the number. The person who received the call identified himself as Rocky Bhai. A man claiming to be a cowshed guard said he was speaking from Jodhpur in Rajasthan.
The police traced the mobile number of the person who made the threat. He was confirmed to be in Shahpur in Thane district. A team of CIU officers of Crime Branch reached Shahpur. Seeing the police, the accused escaped on a bike with the help of a colleague. The police gave chase and intercepted the bike. The mobile phone of the detained minor was checked and it was confirmed that he had made the call. He was handed over to Azad Maidan police for further investigation.

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