This is how his real life Rama met his real life Sita

by Ana Lopez

When it comes to seeing Sita Mata on the TV screen, Deepika Chikhlia’s face floats in front of the eyes. Deepika Chikhalia may have acted in many Hindi, South and Bhojpuri films, but she is still known for her role as ‘Sita’ in the serial ‘Ramayan’.
Deepika Chikhlia played the role of Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s mythological show ‘Ramayana’ in the year 1987 in such a way that people identified her as Sita in real life as well. We all know Deepika Chikhlia’s on-screen Ram but talking about her real life Ram, her love story is very interesting.
Deepika Chikhalia stepped into Prabhuta on 22nd November 1991 with her real-life ‘Ram’ aka Hemant Topiwala. Hemant is a businessman and once owned a cosmetic brand called ‘Sringar’. In an interview, Deepika told how she first met Hemant. Deepika first met Hemant on the sets of her debut film ‘Sun Meri Laila’, when she had to add ‘Shrungar Kajal’ for a scene. At that time Hemant came to the sets to watch the shoot and that’s when they met for the first time.
About this meeting, Deepika said that after the first meeting, even though Hemant and I got busy with our respective work, both of us often missed each other. Along with studies, Hemant had started helping his father’s business and Deepika was busy building a career in the industry. After years, both eyes met once again. Hemant and Deepika met for the second time in a beauty parlour. After this the two met on 28th April 1991 through a family friend. They talked for two hours and in these two hours they decided to stay together forever.
As for married life, Deepika and Hemant came home and told their parents about their relationship and got engaged the very next day i.e. 29th April 1991. In the same year, they also tied the knot. The couple also has two daughters named Juhi and Nidhi.

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