This is called the mother complained to the police that the son is driving rough

by Ana Lopez

The need for one hundred teachers is good. No one else can teach the lessons of discipline that a mother can teach her child, but if the child does not believe.. a mother from Gujarat has become an example for such a mother. An incident took place in Nadiad, Gujarat, where the mother did not believe her son who was driving rough despite repeatedly explaining it to the police.
The mother went on a bike ride with her son and the son knocked her down and fractured her shoulder. On this day Mani ran out of patience and filed a complaint at Anand Vaso Police Station. Meenaben, a 58-year-old woman, is a widow and lives at Anand with her 34-year-old son, Anand. As she had work, she went on a bike with her son to go to Nadiad. As the son was riding the bike very fast, she repeatedly asked him to slow down, but he did not speak and suddenly braked and both fell, in which the mother suffered a fracture. He filed a police complaint to teach his son. It is learned that the police have registered their complaint and taken further action.
Often parents cover up their children’s mistakes, but it only proves dangerous for the child going forward. Then all elders need to take lessons from this mother of Gujarat.

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