This company will hire a ‘Karen’ to do your dirty work

by Ana Lopez

In 2022, being called “Karen” is still an insulting and undesirable title.

According to Urban dictionarya “Karen” is “a pejorative term” for a person who will “go out [their] way of imposing their belief structures” who “once cornered will publicly berate the victim” and most likely get emotional before calling or threatening to call the authorities.

But sometimes, whether it’s because of poor service or unfair pricing, you really need to “talk to a manager.” Fortunately, you can now hire someone to be the “Karen” you dream of being when you complain.

A company called Karen for rent promotes the use of so-called “Karens” that you pay to file complaints for you, whether they are complaints about health insurance, cell phones or internet bills, or even if you are seeking a refund from Ticketmaster or Airbnb, the ” Karens” goes to work.

The site claims the service typically runs from $50 to $75 with no consultation fee, with some deals going as low as $10 and some as high as $100.

Services range from making phone calls and writing formal letters of complaint to helping form micro unions and assisting in mediation between parties.

The company notes that attorneys are employed within the company to ensure nothing illegal or unauthorized is done on behalf of the client, but the “Karens” who perform the work are not sworn attorneys.

“We’re taking back power in all aspects of people’s lives. We believe you shouldn’t pay an attorney thousands of dollars to right a minor wrong,” the company’s website said. “In most cases you don’t even need a lawyer. But what choice do you have? We believe that this is giving companies the upper hand and they are taking advantage of it to fill their pockets. The cost of a fight usually outweighs the problem and they calculate that you just accept it and move on. That’s no longer the case.”

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The “Karens” are composed of experts in many fields with one main mission in mind: to end “injustice” and give people the results they want, without the fear that often comes with filing a formal complaint.

“My family and I had a terrible Airbnb experience. After unsuccessfully trying to fix it on my own, I enlisted the help of a Karen and was able to get a partial refund as well as a voucher for my next stay,” a testimonial on the Karens for Hire website. “Easy, affordable and a success!”

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It appears that the Karens’ help will soon be enlisted to deal with disgruntled passengers dealing with canceled and delayed flights due to the massive spate of blizzards that hit the US over the past week.

Fortunately, they also know exactly what to do about it.

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