This $19 budget management course can help your business thrive

by Ana Lopez

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Nearly one in five small businesses fail in their first year. That can be daunting as a new business owner, but learning how to manage your money and use it wisely can help your business grow. The Essential 2023 Money Management Bundle has lessons on everything from investing to budgeting to personal finance – and lifetime access retails for $19.

It’s time to gain confidence in your company’s financial future. If that means earning passive income to support your regular income streams, study long-term investment strategies taught by full-time trader, investor, and Travis Rose. See how to build value by investing and learn to read charts and analysis indicators to make informed investments.

No investment is certain, so you may want to create a financial tracker to stay on top of how much your business is spending on a monthly basis. This model also works as a personal finance tool, but scaling it for your business will help you make informed decisions when it comes time to curb spending.

Many personal finance skills can also apply to your business finances. Up to 82% of companies that fail can attribute that failure to poor cash flow management. Basically, managing your company’s cash flow is similar to managing a personal budget, and Budgeting 101 can show you the basics. From drawing up a monthly budget, setting goals for paying back debt, and drawing up a cash flow schedule, your company’s finances may not be that different from yours.

Get ready for a year of growth to look back on next tax season. Grab the Essential 2023 Money Management Bundle for $19 (reg. $1990) from Feb. 24 through Mar. 2 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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