These 7 founders share the best investment they made before launching

by Ana Lopez

From coaches to trademarks, seven founders sat down at the table Jessica Ab to share the best investment they made before starting their business.

1. Sharri Harmel, editor-in-chief, Extraordinary women’s magazine

“The Extraordinary women’s magazine is a magazine dedicated to helping women create amazing next chapters. The best investment I ever made was truly an investment in failure. Before I was ready, I launched courses, lives, Facebook groups, you name it, to learn more about my target audience. We learn by doing. Invest in failure.”

2. Roketa Johnson, CEO and Founder, Opulence

“Opulence connects entrepreneurs with vetted resources looking to start, build, or scale their businesses. One of the best investments I made before launching was trademarking my brand. Your brand reputation is your most valuable asset. You want it there be sure you protect it.”

3. Emily Cisek, CEO of The Postage

“The Postage is a platform for real estate and legacy digital planning. The best investment I made in The Postage before we started is really two things: team and technology. Because with those two things, it doesn’t matter which pivot, growth or how fast you need to scale, you will be able to handle it either way of the right team and the right technology.”

4. Melanie Espeland, founder and executive coach, Espelad Enterprises

“Espelad Enterprises works with executive coaching and executive life coaching professionals. My best advice before starting your business is to work on yourself. Do your due diligence on your Why – why you are starting this business. This will help you be connected to what you’re doing and help others connect with you.”

5. Claire Spackman, Founder, Consumerhaus

“Consumerhaus is a curated online marketplace for over a hundred of the internet’s favorite consumer brands, ranging from food and beverage to health and wellness, to personal care and pets. The best investment I made before launching was to maximize people possible. You really never know what a cold email might lead to, whether it’s an investor intro or an article in a publication. I owe a lot of my small wins so far to the fact that I don’t be afraid to send strangers incredibly personalized emails.’

6. Michelle Yu, Founder and CEO, Aspire Talent

“Aspire Talent is a boutique HR consultancy that focuses on all things HR and human resources. One of the best investments I made before starting my business was to get myself a coach. people have the misconception that they will save a lot of money by figuring it out on their own when they don’t.Having a coach and knowing there is someone who is 100% committed to your success will help you achieve your business goals much faster. “

7. Kristina Bartold, CEO, The Social Snippet

“The Social Snippet is a social media and podcast agency focused on helping entrepreneurs build their digital communities online. And if I could pick up the best thing I invested in before I started, it was definitely a community . Join free or low cost communities and just flow in value. Offer connection conversations to anyone you can think of that you can meet and see how you can flow into their business. Don’t pitch. Just make connections and you’ll see how much that pay you back.”

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